The so-called “list” includes:

Chris Dorner.

Does his name ring a bell?  He was the guy the LA Police were after earlier this year for ambushing officers because he claimed he was railroaded out of LAPD.


It also includes James Gilkerson.

See the video of him trying to kill a cop here:

If there’s two guys who “needed killin'” as they say in Texas, these two guys were it.

But it doesn’t stop there!

There’s the Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsanarov or however you spell the little scumbag, welfare-recipient islamist terrorist’s name.

Getting perforated by the cops and then run over by his little brother couldn’t have happened to a nicer piece of human debris.

The list of scumbags continues with this guy:  Kurt Myers.

This douche bag opened fire on cops who were looking for him on suspicion of killing four other people.  He wasn’t fulfilling his community service points by killing people, either.  He killed innocent people.

So, yeah, these people were victims of “gun violence”, just like the Taliban we wax day in and day out in Afghanistan.

Like they say in Texas, some people “just need killin'”.  That’s not a symptom of violence…  it’s maintaining law and order against asocial human debris.






3 thoughts on “MAIG “List” of those killed with guns includes cop killers, terrorists, murderers”
  1. They will stop at NOTHING…..(see also immigration “legislation”, arming Syrian rebles with $1 Billion bucks, and on and on and on and on.

    Crooks. Almost every single one of them in DC……and, aside from Chapin (best I can tell), the jerks in Springfield.

    We’ve GOT to stop rolling over for these people to let them put words in our mouths!!!!!

  2. BTW, I was in a friend’s neighborhood on Tuesday, approaching her door.

    (Being politically correct and all), A little “African American” child of about 8 years of age waited for me to get out of my car. Approached me with big cow-pie eyes and “axed me” for “…ten or twenty (?!?!?) dollars to keeps kids away from (and he pulled out his trigger finger at that point to stress the words on his laminated flyer) the words GUNS, DRUGS and VIOLENCE….”

    At this point, I said to him, “I won’t be giving you any money today or any day. The possibility that people can carry guns to DEFEND themselves is something our Founding Fathers and lots and lots of veterans have fought VERY hard for. I believe this is VERY important.”

    Kid: “For REAL? This is for the KIDS!”
    Me: Yes, for REAL. Guns are NOT toys, that’s for sure, but how do I know that if I gave you ten cents, let alone ten dollars is there a CHANCE that it would help train kids how to properly USE a gun to PREVENT violence or stop a drug dealer? Oh, wait, I DO know that…..because your group is against guns, right?”
    Kid: Yea, for sure. Kids shouldn’t HAVE guns!
    Me: Unless you’re TRAINED how to USE them! I agree with you! BUT, you don’t know all of the FACTS or haven’t thought this through! What if someone broke into your house tonight and your mom or dad or grandma couldn’t keep that person out of your house because HE had a gun and they didn’t?
    Kid: That would be bad.
    ME: Yea, it would. So…’s possible that ALL guns are NOT bad, right?
    Kid: Never thought of it that way.
    Me: Well, until you DO think of it that way, maybe you need to stop collecting money for something you’ve not really thought through all the way.
    Kid: Yea, right.

    Honestly happened.

    Kid’s eyes were MUCH larger than when I first encountered him…..witnessed he and his co-collection agent walking toward the subdivision exit in 90-degree heat in their Sunday best, no doubt to collect whatever “commission” they had earned in this well-heeled area of town. Mind blown. My license plate, no doubt, memorized.

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