So, Yankee Gunner wears his “Guns Save Lives” t-shirt to go visit the Bloomberg bus (which they’ve been kind of circumspect about publicizing its scheduled stops).

He open carries (something I wasn’t aware one could do in anti-gun Connecticut), along with a friend, and freaks the Bloomberg bus people out.

9-1-1 gets called.  Cops ask to see permits and then tell the men to have a good day and also tell them if Bloomy’s people give them a hard time, they’ll straighten it out.

In short, when the cops broke from the very friendly contact, Bloomy’s people swarmed them and demanded Yankee and his friend be arrested.

Didn’t happen.

Thank goodness the rest of America doesn’t have New York-style gun control…  after all, without New York’s SAFE Act and New York City’s strict gun control, this probably wouldn’t have happened.

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Read the whole thing.  It’s good.

Officer then called on her cell phone after running our permits (clean). She acknowledged our courtesy when she handed our permits back. She DID NOT ask for our firearms, run serial numbers or ANYTHING. Simply said, thank you and we had a short chat. She commented on the fact that we were indeed courteous and respectful. Admitted that we were free to walk wherever we want. She asked if others were coming and I said I wasn’t sure. She then continued with pleasant conversation by saying “if they give you a hard time, feel free to call us and we’ll fix the situation”….. Then a simple “thank you and have a nice day”.

Then, it gets even better….. the guy from Bloomberg’s group goes over to them and….. NOTHING. They obviously didn’t think it was legal, found out otherwise. Had our pictures taken A LOT of times by the anti’s that were VERY poor at trying to take pictures thinking we wouldn’t notice!

All in all, spent almost two hours out there, quietly on the side and EVERYONE knew we were there. Pointing, looking. NOTHING.


2 thoughts on “BRAVO! Yankee gunner upsets Bloomberg’s minions”
  1. Even though Bloomberg and company were causing a lot of commotion, I am surprised that he was not arrested for “disturbing” their peace considering it was a northeastern state. Makes me proud. Amazingly a guy that had stayed out of trouble for many decades did not all of a sudden go crazy and start killing people and at no time did his evil firearm jump out of the holster and cause mayhem.

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