You remember this kid, right?

He was arrested for refusing to remove or turn inside out his NRA shirt by a teacher and a cop.

He was suspended but the suspension was quickly dropped when school administrators realized the civil liability they were incurring.

Well, local prosecutors don’t seem to have a lick of common sense.

(Guns Save Lives) – You might remember when we reported that a middle school student in West Virginia was suspended from school and arrested after refusing to remove an NRA t-shirt he was wearing.

At the time, the arrest almost seemed secondary to the actions that the school was taking, but now that arrest is the story that is front and center as prosecutors move forward in actually pursuing the charges against the student. To be honest, I really assumed that the charge (obstruction of an officer) would be dropped.

According to a report by WTRF the prosecuting attorney is moving forward with that charge and a judge is allowing the case to move forward. Fourteen year old Jared Marcum could face up to a $500 fine and up to a year in jail (we’ll seriously hope that isn’t a real possibility) if found guilty.

Here’s what we need you to do.

Call the Logan County Prosecutor’s office.

Let them know you find the prosecution of this case a travesty of law and how they should be ashamed of themselves.

Let them know there will be political consequences if the prosecution continues.

Call and email them today.  Just because you don’t live in Logan County, WV, doesn’t mean you can’t donate to Mr. Bennett’s opposition in the next election.

Here’s their contact information:

420 Main St # 300  Logan, WV 25601
(304) 792-8670

Logan County Prosecuting Attorney:

John W. Bennett

Phone: 304-792-8670
Fax: 304-792-8677

Term: 4 years

Logan County Prosecuting Attorney
420 Main Street
Logan, WV 25601

10 thoughts on “ACTION REQUIRED: Support Jared Marcum”
  1. Would it help to call the Governers office too? This man should be removed from his position for using tax payer money for his personal anti gun crusade.

    1. Well, called the governor’s office and prosecutors office. I’d say keep the pressure on. This needs to go viral across the country. I have been through WV many times, visited a couple. The law wants to pull this type of manure? They are for a whirlwind of bad publicity.

  2. Cant believe that a President that would have never ever had a chance in hell of even being a block away from the white house if it wasnt for the DI and our rights as americans can even think of infringing on our rights… I say the Goverment system wether it be small town or united states needs to be reorganized and ppl need to take a stand !!!! get bad goverment out and reinstate the common man !

    1. Oh my goodness, this has nothing to do with Obama.

      Everyone call the prosecutors office. This case is in direct violation of human rights.

  3. This boy and his family need a legal defense fund.
    There is a counter suit in this someplace.
    But he needs help to avoid being branded by this ridiculous abuse of the law here and now.

  4. This young man is SOOOOO lucky he wasn’t eating in that cafeteria when the arrogant cops arrived. How easy it would have been for them to simply unload their “guns” and assasinate him for having a plastic spoon…which gave the appearance of a deadly weapon (of course). Sounds like the DA and Judge would of justified any action they made.

  5. So lets start a GSL collection drive for a legal defense fund. Hear GSL has a couple of Juris Doctors with the chutzpah to put the fear of liberty into these socialist elitists. Lets get a bottle on our tables for this next months meetings. I think it is still “liberty and justice for all” isn’t it?

  6. I sent some funds to cover Jared’s legal fees. You can send funds to his attorney with the check payable to Jared Marcum. This is legit as you can call his attorney at 304-855-2369 to verify.

    Ben White Attorney at Law
    338 Main St.
    Chapmanville, WV 25508

    1. $25 check payable to Jared Marcum
      c/o Atty Ben White
      338 Main Street
      Chapmanville, WV 25508

      As a retired prosecutor, this is an embarrassment. Abuse of authority and stupidity are a dangerous combination.
      I hope Mr. White pursues a civil suit that gets Jared through college and helps fund his own business years from now, when hopefully all of this is forgotten.

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