Lisa Madigan has gotten herself a second 30-day extension to decide whether or not to appeal the Miller decision to the Supreme Court.

It positions her for a win-win, regardless of what our clueless governor does.  His deadline to unregulated carry is July 9th.  The closer we get to that deadline, the more this now becomes a lose-lose for the governor.

Her most recent motion for a second thirty-day extension was based primarily on her claiming her chief legal beagle was a really, really busy guy.

In addition, counsel’s supervisory responsibilities over the Civil and Criminal Appeals Divisions of the Attorney General’s Office-including editing and revising briefs and preparing attorneys for oral argument-have occupied a substantial amount of time in May and the first two weeks of June, 2013.


7 thoughts on “Crazy Lisa is crazy like a fox: Madigan gets another delay for certioari”
  1. We definitely live in “Madigonia”. The State formerly known as Illinois. There is absolutely no freakin’ way this constitutional right infringer should be considered for any Illinois constitutional office, especially governor. Daddy got the job for her and she is doing what Daddy wants. Don’t kid yourself, this was the game plan when HB183 passed the legislature. The next time she places her hand on a bible to take an oath of office, she should be struck by lightning.

  2. Sorry this is not politically correct. Until all the people are in the street, they will drag this out one milimeter at a time. Let me know when to head to Springfield. Fill the streets, the elevators and the hallways.. Wake up make some noise we the people protest or loose.

  3. Didn’t have time to make a decision, but she had time to prepare a 71 page request? Kind of transparent here… unlike most of IL politics.

  4. Soooooo we sit here like bumps on a log and let them shit all over us and we don’t do a damn thing about it. Somebody. DO something ill be happy to join you just tell me when and where and about how much ammo I should. Bring!!!!

  5. You guys in Ill., let thees politicians shit on you every session. You get what you vote for.

  6. George Irick may be correct on this. In order for ‘Downstaters’ to win the return of your liberties against the looney libs in C(r)ook and the ‘Collar’ counties, you all may have to show up en masse at Springfield. Sure wouldn’t hurt at this point to grind the point home and remind the politicians who they are supposed to be working for. Lisa has her own agenda and is obviously dragging her feet all the way to Freedom’s Door. May be the only way to stop her is for legislators to press her to back off. Stranger things have happened…

    Ricardo in Wy

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