Chicago cops would LOVE to have a chat with Xavier L. Tate, Jr. in the murder of Chicago Police Office Luis Huesca last weekend.  Those of you in the Champaign and Decatur areas should keep an eye out for this guy.  He’s a very wanted man.  And if you’re the person to provides info that brings him in (or you bring him in), there’s $100,000 with your name on it.

And it won’t break anyone’s heart if lil’ Xavier resists arrest with deadly force and finds himself well-perforated.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — Rewards totaling $100,000 are now being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Xavier L. Tate Jr., the Aurora man that Chicago police say murdered off-duty CPD Officer Luis Huesca last Sunday.

Cook County CrimeStoppers and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives are offering a combined $25,000 reward for information that leads to Tate’s arrest, according to CPD.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, the FBI, and the Fraternal Order of Police are offering a combined $75,000 for information leading to Tate’s arrest and conviction, police said.

According to the FBI, Tate also goes by the names “Zay” and Lamont Tate. He’s 5’11” tall and 175 pounds. The agency said he has a tattoo of the word “majesty” under a crown on the right side of his neck, with more tattoos on his chest and body. Besides Chicago and Aurora, he has ties to Olympia Fields, Champaign, and Decatur, the FBI said.

15 thoughts on “WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE: Suspected cop-killer Xavier Tate has downstate IL ties to Decatur, Champaign”
  1. No worries! The Illinois State Police are more concerned with harassing drivers on the interstate and enforcing PICA. Jboch will continue to support them and his sheep members of GSL will be right there to apologize and make excuses for the behavior too! It’s pretty predictable on here. As the boot lickers say: “We Back The Blue The Hell With YOU!”

    1. WANTED MUDER SUSPECTS and other felons have been arrested by ISP, and other agencies, on interstate highways and other roadways, long before PICA and SAFE-T. How do those types of arrests now translate into a rousing endorsement for those crappy laws?

    2. FWIW:
      I do not travel the interstates, can barely afford fuel to get groceries and mow the yard, so have no idea IF ISP are “harassing” any drivers on the interstate highways unless the drivers are speeding, reckless driving, or accident recap; have yet to hear or read of ANY examples of “PICA ENFORCEMENT” on ANYONE, and I am sure that this irritating “ISP HATER”, “steve”, would have example after example of that very subject if it were so; therefore, I conclude that “steve” has NO proof of any examples and (s)he is just trying to spread his bull manure hatred, just like our resident “narcissist quisling” “kenny-boy” trying to defame and disparage this web site and John Boch for “steve’s” own personal malcontent “personality”.
      How about it John, have you heard or read of the ISP trying to “enforce” the unconstitutional “law” known as PICA? Have you ever been “harassed” by ISP on any interstate highway while travelling at posted speed limits and driving sensibly to the many GSL meetings around the state of ILL-Annoy?
      I would suggest that “steve” is just as much a liar as resident “narcissist quisling” “ken”, just sayin’.

    3. I am no quisling, sir. My family helped found this nation.

      Please retract your defamatory statements or you will be sued.

    4. Blah, blah, blah, “kenny-boy”, to quote Shakespeare, “methinks thou protest too much”, you are a quisling at this site posting as a supporter and denigrating it to put yourself into a more favorable appearance, just like the narcissist you are, “kenny-boy”.

  2. Ever notice when you go to a zoo the lions and tigers and bears are the ones in a cage so they don’t, I don’t know, bite your legs off? Imagine a world where you go to the zoo and the visitors (humans) of the zoo are put in cages and the wild dangerous animals are allowed to go freely. That’s how it is with mentally ill people. Everyone else has to walk on eggshells and adjust their behavior so they don’t get verbally or physically attacked. The normal mentally level-headed person is the one that has to adjust their lives so that the crazy one is accommodated. Mental illness is mislabeled for political correctness reasons. People get over an illness, not stuck with it for life. It’s mental malfunction. Call it what it is. NOW, compare that to “back the blue.” The normal citizens are the ones who are made to suffer for simply wanting to be left alone and their rights respected. But nooooooooooooo, many of the very people complaining about their rights getting constantly shit on also support those who are doing the shitting, like the Illinois State Police. “Back the Blue” boot licking is directly comparable to mentally disturbed crazies. Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

  3. CHECK!

    dark-skinned fellow, covered in tattoos, shoot first, ask questilns later.

    Sounds like a good national domestic crime control policy.

    S’okay…john boch says shoot ‘im dead.

    Do you fellows really think you should post WANTED dead or alive???

  4. I’m okay with dead or alive. If he’s dead he’s saving us a lot of taxpayer money to incarcerate this piece of s***.

    1. Just checked SCC CWB WFLD. Nothing on apprehension, Slain officer’s family gave notice for mayor and governor to not schedule their appearance at funeral. Mayor to honor request. No comment listed of acknowledgement by governor.

    1. Jeff, a-la the Great Charley Daniels would say, “a big, tall tree and a short piece of rope” would cure society of these criminal scum and serve as an example to the rest of criminal society.

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