A new low (or high?) for the anti-gun movement.  How to solve a crime problem?

“Breathe together.”

We kid you not.

It’s so kind of her to invite all of us.  It should be a good time.

From: “nanderson-cobb@ichv.org” <nanderson-cobb@ichv.org>
Dear Partner(s) In Peace!

Greetings from Nicole Anderson Cobb, PhD, Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICHV) Outreach Coordinator.  I hope this message reaches you well.

I am writing to seek your support for an upcoming event.

 Given the recent spate of shootings in Champaign and after profound conversations after Monday’s press conference, I decided to just grab a room at Douglass Library for Friday afternoon at 3:00-5:00 and create opportunity to bring women together to share their concerns on this issue.

Here are the directions to Douglass Library for those who need it: http://www.champaign.org/resources/pdfs/main_dbl_directions_map.pdf

My hope is to create space to sit together, breathe together, pray together, share their concerns and create a space to support one another in anti-violence work in this community. Also, as we know shootings increase with frequency over the weekend, it would be great to gather before the coming weekend begins.

Here’s a link to a Sweet Honey In The Rock song of the same name that you might want to use to reflect on before we meet:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBwZMe1-A14

 Again, let me be clear:  ALL ARE WELCOME.  But this event is really designed to foreground the experiences, the concerns, THE VOICES OF WOMEN impacted by gun violence.

Blessings and gratitude in advance for your support!


While Nicole and her merry band of friends are breathing together to tackle the issue of violence in our community, Guns Save Life has been busy laying the planks for building bridges to firearm ownership in poor, high-crime neighborhoods in central Illinois.

We’ve started discussions on implementing the Armed Citizen Project in Illinois.

We imagine the look on the faces of Nicole and her friends when they find out we are going to be distributing pump-action shotguns to law-abiding homeowners in high-crime neighborhoods will be truly priceless.




6 thoughts on “Breathing together: A new technique by the anti-gun folks to reduce violent crime”
  1. Every time that I try to breath in unison with my fellow riders of the golden unicorns it causes me to fart. And not little tooters neither but the big ol’ boomers. Please help me Princess Nicole.

  2. Breathing techniques are a great way to master trigger control.
    I would really like to ask some of these people what they would do
    if confronted in public with a armed attacker or a masked intruder
    entered their homes front door in the middle of the night… I guess
    it would be breath and pray.

  3. Well hi Nicole. I’ve been practicing my breathing technic. But since I’ve been doing this I’ve noticed that I. HAVE. Been farting. Much more than usual but thanks to above comment I now. Understand why. Sooooo I would share this with you girls that while breathing together. Be advised. That. Very violent FARTS. Are likely to follow. Your exercises. This could. Cause problems at the meeting. Place especially. At nite !!

  4. Let’s all join in; “In with the good air, out with the bad, in with the good air, out with the bad!”

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