Last week, Madison County’s State’s Attorney announced he would not prosecute FOID cardholders carrying concealed firearms.

This week, Randolph County’s SA made a similar announcement.

Who is next?

Chester, IL (Rudolph County Herald Tribune —  In a prepared statement today, Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker announced effective immediately, “the Randolph County State’s Attorney’s Office is announcing responsible, law-abiding citizens will finally be able to exercise their constitutional right to carry concealed weapons in Randolph County.”

“In May I spoke with the Randolph County Police Association and indicated I would give the legislature and the governor until June 9 (the date mandated by the Federal Appellate Court) to give citizens the opportunity to carry concealed weapons,” Walker said.

“June 9 has come and gone with no resolution.  Accordingly, I feel it is time to act.”

Walker said the following guidelines will be given to all local police agencies regarding people who wish to carry concealed weapons:

  •         The person must have a valid Firearm Owners Identification Cars (FOID);
  •         The person must not be prohibited from possessing a firearm under any Court Order or Statute;
  •         The firearm must be concealed on the person, or in a vehicle;
  •         The person must not be engaged in any criminal conduct;
  •         If stopped by a police officer, the person must immediately notify the officer if he or she is carrying a weapon;
  •         The person may not carry a weapon in the courthouse, any school or any church.
4 thoughts on “Randolph County joins Madison in getting carry NOW”
  1. Oh Gov. Quinn!!! This is reality calling. Time to sign that bill that’s on your “To do list”, because the counties are tired of putting up with your crap!

    1. Oh Champaign County State Attorney are YOU listening. It’s time you faced reality as well. You have so many shootings happening. Don’t you think it’s time time to allow decent law abiding gun owners the ability to protect themselves.

  2. Good news for these county’s. I just returned from northern Wisconsin and saw my first public open carry and had to give a
    “thumbs up”.

    Its sort of funny but being new to handguns it was not “shocking” to see open carry and actually felt comfortable with it because I knew that person must have been a responsible gun owner.

    Illinois – wake up.

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