Crazy Lisa wins this one.

Imagine our surprise when the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals approves a 30-day extension to the 180-day stay given to allow government in Illinois to remedy the unconstitutional prohibition on carry outside of the home.

We do have to hand it to Judge Posner.  It was a pithy decision:

IT IS ORDERED that the motion to stay mandate for additional 30 days is GRANTED.
This court’s mandate is STAYED until July 9, 2013. No further extensions to stay the court’s mandate will be granted.

Note the final line.

7 thoughts on “Lisa gets her stay… but it’s the last one.”
  1. This is B.S., but that’s how the judicial system works (note I didn’t say “justice” system.) Stays, continuances, delays are the rule not the exception. Granted as standard procedure. The opposing motions blew Crazy Lisa out of the water – but I doubt Posner even read them. Judges don’t follow the law, they’re not held to following the law, they get to make it up as they go.

    Jefferson had it right when he called the judiciary the ‘despotic branch’. Not that the other two branches are behaving themselves, but at least you can (in theory) vote them out.

    1. Don’t be so quick to judge Judge Posner. His name has popped up in the past as one of the guys who does not go with business as usual. He was also one of the two in the 2-1 Moore v. Madigan case. I’ll bet he did read the opposing motions – and we may see phrases from them in any final ruling.

  2. I still feel daddy and daughter ARE going to do an end run play around the courts with concealed carry and neither the 7th CCA or SCOTUS will ever realize what happened till after they make their rulings in daddy’s girl favor. Chicago politicians enjoy playing ruthless and unethical as possible.And they are not a bit afraid of the courts. With that said, so far no one has stopped them. Courts, are you listening to us, I doubt it.
    God I need about 500k to pay off bills then sell the house so I can get the #### out of here. Move somewhere less corrupt and gun friendly.

  3. Where do these photo’s of her come from. I know that opposite parties look hard to find photo’s that are not becoming of a person, but everything I see of her is down right scary!

  4. What a pathetic joke! The Second Ammendment is just that; it can not be interpreted, voted upon, or washed away. When are you milksops going to stand up?

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