… Nah, of course not.

They just can’t figure out the correlation between strict gun control and high violent crime rates.

New York City (NY Daily News) – Violence surged like the mercury Sunday, with three more fatalities from gun violence — and eight others wounded in shootings — bringing the total number of bullet-riddled in the city to 25 in less than 48 hours.


But wait, wasn’t the onerous New York “SAFE Act” supposed to stop violent crime?  After all, the SAFE Act was a whole list of gun regulations sold to “keep New York safe”.

“The SAFE Act stops criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying a gun…” the governor’s website touting the act claims.

And then there’s this gem from USA Today.

CAMDEN, N.J. (USA Today) — Anderson Baker lives in a state with a litany of gun regulations. But no law stopped him from becoming a teenage drug dealer who could easily acquire, and use, his weapon of choice.

The national debate in the wake of the Newtown elementary school massacre has centered on the legislative approach to reducing gun violence: rein in assault rifles, downsize magazine clips, expand background checks and review mental health protocols. Baker says these types of measures would do little to stem violence that for decades has plagued this small city in the shadow of Philadelphia’s skyline.




3 thoughts on “Is the media figuring out strict gun control doesn’t slow violent crime yet?”
  1. The media will never admit it. Gun control isn’t about violence or safety. It’s about control!

  2. The Media can’t even understand that:
    “Gun Free Zones”…aren’t.
    They are “Designated free-fire zones”.

    If posting a sign worked well, why didn’t the president declare the east coast a Hurricane free zone in time for Sandy?

    Used to be “The medium is the message.”
    Now? “The media is the agenda.”

  3. I just don’t understand how the American people are so easily misled. These gun laws obviously do not in any way have any connection to the massacres they are purported to prevent. There simply os no logical or factual correlation. They do, however, quite obviously affect and are 100% directed at law abiding citizens to strip their rights and place the population as a whole under more control. Hw is it that people can be so dumb? Really?

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