God bless the Greatest Generation!

In their honor – A D Day poem, written today and contributed by John Naese:

D Day

A few rusting hulks remain,

On beaches, now recovered,

From most of the scars of war. 


The men – the survivors – are all old now. 

A few share their stories. 

Even fewer, it seems, listen. 


A hundred thousand hit the beaches that day. 

Two thousand made it no further.

For them, D Day was not just the day of invasion – it was the day of death. 


For them, there was no baby boom; no cold war; no TV. 

No children’s weddings; no grandchildren’s birthdays. 

They are forever young – to those who remember them. 


Some of us, who weren’t even there; who weren’t even born yet, remember them.

We talk to those who are left; we study those who fought and lived that day – and those that died.

And we tell others. 


And as long as we remember them, and pass on their stories,

And honor their sacrifices

They will never die – and America will live.

4 thoughts on “Remembering D-Day.”
  1. I would call every one of them back so that their lives weren’t wasted on this african in our white house who has ruined this nation.

  2. I’ve had the honor to meet a few of the patriots who landed on the beaches that day, one who was injured there. He has since passed away but he knew what I thought of him and his kind. We are all indebted.

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