David Sigale wrote a blistering reply to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s request for a 30-day extension on the existing 180-day stay on the Seventh Circuit’s ruling that Illinois’ Unlawful Use of Weapons law is unconstitutional.

It’s chock full of goodness that makes baby Jesus smile:

1. Defendants’ motion is unauthorized by the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure, plainly presented for dilatory reasons, fails to fully disclose the relevant factual circumstances, and otherwise lacks merit. Considering that the state’s remedial legislation passed with overwhelming veto-proof majorities in both houses, as well as the Governor’s deep and protracted involvement in this issue, the time for delay is over. This Court has spoken. The People of Illinois, through their representatives, have spoken. There must be some finality to this process. The motion should be denied.

Oh yeah.

But it gets better:

Nothing required the Legislature to wait until the last possible moment to pass a law.


Respectfully, the notion that the Governor requires additional time to gather his thoughts about this subject is not welltaken.

…Defendants argue that the Governor needs more time to consider the remedial legislation, but they ignore that the Governor closely followed the legislative process—and took positions on various bills and amendments within hours of their proposal.  Indeed, the Governor wasted no time tweeting his views as the legislation emerged.  See, e.g. https://twitter.com/ GovernorQuinn/status/338000476404580353 (last visited June 4, 2013) (“SB2139 is wrong for #IL. We need strong gun laws that protect the people of our state & this bill puts public safety at risk”); https://twitter.com/GovernorQuinn/status/33800068438 3350788 (last visited June 4, 2013) (“I will not support this SB2193 and I will work with members of the #IL Senate to stop it in its tracks”); https://twitter.com/GovernorQuinn/status/339478339855187969 (last visited June 4, 2013) (“Sen. @KwameRaoul’s HB183 provides a reasonable framework that would protect critical gun safety ordinances across #IL”). His views—and strategy—are likely quite well-formed.

Poor clueless Quinn.  While playing dumb comes quite naturally to this man, the federal courts aren’t impressed with “play” by subjects of their orders.

There’s more, but you get the gist of it.

We’re going to be eagerly awaiting the Seven Circuit’s decision on Madigan’s stay request.  We have a feeling it will be a good read.



12 thoughts on “Sigale’s heated response to Madigan’s motion: “plainly presented for dilatory reasons””
  1. I am so glad our lawyers are not the buffoons that represent the state. So fast on the response and soo good.

  2. God I hope we get Quinn and madigan out of office!
    CC down, Next REPEAL the FOID!

    1. yeah, she’s trying to walk a tightrope.. doesn’t want to alienate the Chicago leftists, but wants to be able to pick up some downstate votes as well. She’s going to have trouble staying on that rope.

  3. Yep daddys girl got her extension. Goodbye 9 June, say waiting now 9 July, then wait some more and then some more. After all this is Illinois.
    I made so many calls in and out of my district, most of them know by name when I start to speak. I’m posting this on IRSA Facebook as well when I get a chance, but I do believe its time for a change in leadership or at least better lawyers for the ISRA and definitely better lawyers for the NRA.
    I know that the anti-gun people want to divide and conquer us, so the ISRA and the NRA had better start serving our interest better.
    I have no problem with GSL leadership, emails with John Boch showed he was working his ass on this. I strictly blame state and national levels because they do have the major resources.
    Disagree with my post, won’t hurt my feeling at all.Tell me why I’m wrong and I may accept it.

  4. Actions have consequences. We need to insure that November election month is a sad time for all these people. We should be working to defeat them in the primaries, regardless of which district we vote in.

  5. Here’s my prediction, and I’m willing to put money on it:
    Lisa Madigan has until (I think) June 24 to appeal the original circuit court decision to the US Supreme court. She will file that appeal at the very last moment with a gun hating justice. She will also seek a stay on the original decision from December. She will get the stay, and the court will accept the case. They would not even begin to look at the case until October, with any decision well into next year.
    Since the decision will have been stayed, Quinn will veto the bill. The earliest the legislature would take up any veto override would be in the fall. Since they will no longer be under a mandate, enough of them will change their vote, and they will not override the veto, thereby leaving us with nothing.
    As I said, I would put money on it. I would hope that I would lose, but I don’t think so.
    We think these people are idiots, but they are not dumb. They will do anything they can to delay, and hopefully deny, our rights

    1. You are probably correct in this scenario. The 7th CCA and the SCOTUS have been played, duped whatever they want to call it. And the justices are playing into it. Chicago politicians are ruthless enough that they don’t care about the courts. If they can screw a few , oh well.

  6. I’ve had it with IL. Between this and all of us property owners who’re going to be expected to pay for the PENSION debacle, I’m outta here.

    For sale, one lovely brick building. IL small town main street.

    Reasonably priced ………

  7. Maybe I’ll send lil Lisa a copy of transporting your. Firearm legally. And show her what I- I – I- am doin ….

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