Roughly thirty-five shooters came out on Saturday at the Guns Save Life-sponsored Appleseed shoot at Darnall’s GunWorks and Ranges in Bloomington.  They, along with their instructors, got down in the mud and trained on how to become better rifle shooters and learned a little about America’s founding.

There was little complaining and nearly thirty of the shooters returned Sunday for another day in the mud.  We had a good time and kept a sense of humor about it.


We ran two lines both days, both in the smaller bay (top photo) and the larger bay.

Hence the reason for the non-existent posting at GSL this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Dedication: Spending a weekend training in the mud”
  1. A big thanks to Guns Save Life and GSL Defense Training for subsidizing, promoting, and assisting this shoot. This is just another aspect of the good work being done by these organizations.

  2. The mud was inconvenient, but the instructors kept the weekend tons of fun as well as being extremely informational. My family thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot as well. Thanks to all you volunteer instructors – you rock! I see a lot more practice in our future but you’ll be seeing us again…..rifleman patches here we come!

  3. Alright! We like to give those patches out to those who earn them.

    And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t shoot rifleman as fast as you think you should. It took me three LONG years before it came together for me. Today, it’s second nature.


    1. I’m going to ace it with that rifle of yours!

      But I’ll need to adjust the scope about 6MOA to 1pm as memory serves.

  4. Yeah, I used to tell myself “Hey, it took John Boch…..” 🙂 THANK YOU, GSL and GSLDT. What an amazing event with a bunch of awake and alive Americans. We fear NO mud! Huzzah!

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