Frank Lautenberg, a far left gun control advocate, died today.

We can’t be absolutely certain about the true cause of death, but we speculate that gun control advocates losing the battle to keep Illinois on the gun control plantation had something to do with his demise.

While we salute his service in World War II, America will be a little freer thanks to the demise of this big government, nanny-state politician.

(FoxNews) – Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., who cast more votes than any other U.S. senator from New Jersey, died Monday after complications from viral pneumonia.

Lautenberg died at 4:02 a.m., at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He was 89 years old.

14 thoughts on “Lautenberg dies on news of Illinois passing right to carry”
  1. What’s really sad is how we have to wait until some of these fossils die in order to get them out of office.

  2. Having lived in New Jersey for several years, Republican tried several times to get him out but except for Republican Burlington County the rest of the damn state is extreme Democrat. Now that they have a republican governor, hopefully he will put in a republican but don’t bet on it. The democrats run the state and hates guns and gun owners.

    1. Don’t bet on a Repub. being installed in his place, the hard left marxists are throwing campaign money at crispy creme and he is no “wonder boy” repub. He should declare himself a dem. and stop the charade, RINO to the bone.

  3. That article is so tasteless. That’s true so why do I like it so much. lol

  4. I never like to speak ill of the dead but we badly need term limits. These old people shouldn’t be dying of old age related illnesses while they are still in office on the US Government payroll.

  5. The “Lout” is dead! Let’s hope he and his buddy Satan are having a hot time “down under”, he should have good company with ol’ Teddy K.!

  6. Two questions:

    1. Can we have our money back now?
    2. Will the Lautenberg Amendment be buried with him?

    As distasteful as it may sound, I’m going to miss this POS as much as I miss Ted Kennedy and John Wayne Gacy…

    1. Remeber, that Senator Lautenberg was only in office because the New Jersey Democrat party willingly broke all their own rules in order to nominate him in place of the legal nominee who was failing. They thought a Republican might win, so they broke the law to bring back Lautenberg.

      Of course, the New Jersey Supreme Court upheld the charade.

      It is not illegal when a Democrat does it.

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