Illinois is poised to join the 49 other states in America by throwing its antiquated prohibition on self-defense outside the home into the dustbin of history.

The Illinois Senate passed HB183 earlier today by a margin of 45-12-1 (36 required to over-ride a governor’s veto) and the House approved it moments ago by a vote of 89-28 (71 votes required to over-ride a governor’s veto).

It’s time for a glass of champagne.



33 thoughts on “HISTORIC: Right-to-Carry goes to Illinois Governor!”
  1. There will be some that are not satisfied, but you cant please everyone. This is a good start, especially for Illinois politics.

  2. It’s ugly, but at least it’s “Shall Issue”.
    In spite of all the things wrong with it, that is a major plus.

    Next step is to wait for someone to sue the state saying it’s discriminatory because of the high cost. 🙂

  3. Was asked if this was it …. no more grumbling from us pro gun rights people. I answered , hell no… we still have alot of work on the road ahead of us.

  4. I hope that someone like Otis McDonald or other intelligent Chicago resident (and I mean this sincerely and with enormous respect) will sue the state for not being able to ccw on mass transit if its the only way they can get around. And God forbid if there is a gang style shooting in other ” prohibited areas, there will be other lawsuits.
    Secondly, since no ccw will be available on the 9th even if the law is effective “immediately”, I’d say constitutional carry until everything is set up. I know I’ll probably need a lawyer who specializes in 2nd Amendment, so anyone out there.

  5. To John and the GSL Leadership….

    THANK YOU for the countless hours you spent fighting on behalf of our members and others whom you will never see or know; for the many sleepless nights you spent; for your tireless efforts to get what *WE* wanted; for being diligent in explaining to us what *THEY* were offering in Springfield; for patiently answering our questions and calming our fears; for encouraging us to stand up for what is RIGHT; for motivating us to speak up against the powers that be and FOR the US Constitution.

    You guys have done a fabulous job and we owe you a lot for this historic win. I am grateful to you ALL for making it possible and hope you know that though I grumble that it’s not what *I* wanted (or that others also found very hard to accept), we’ve won a battle; and you, as our leaders, are to be commended!

    Keep fighting the good, honest fight. In the end, we shall prevail if we stick to the principles upon which we were founded and force our elected leaders to be accountable and to follow suit.

    Let us all remember that elections do, indeed, have consequences!


    1. Well said Jan. So much work went into this. It’s not perfect but a good starting point.

  6. More than anything we need to a PREEMPTION law to override the Crook County and Chicago gun registration laws!!!! The local laws are intended to harass gun owners and have absolutely NOTHING to do with crime. Maybe the next step would be to ELIMINATE to IL FOID card since we have Instant Check now.

  7. Cook county’s gun registration is done. Kaput.

    The AWB remains. For now.

    Thanks Jan.


  8. Our compliments and huge Thankyou to GSL, ISRA, NRA, IC, and other organization volunteers and all the other individuals that spent their personal time and money to bring this to fruit. We all owe you.

    I’ll also be calling some legislators next week with thanks and assurance that we’ll be supporting them next election. You should too. I’ll wait until the next election cycle to remind the antis that I’m donating to their opponents.

    Now, we need to get the program going and a bunch of us licensed to prove ourselves to the antis that are fence-sitters and be vigilent to keep their extremists from sneaking more limiting bills through.

  9. Thank you to GSL and all the other organizations out there that got us this far!!!! We all know this is not the bill of our dreams, however,let’s keep it positive. This is a starting point. Some have been working decades to get us this far. I personally have seen the “behind the scenes” work that goes into this. I have seen the emotional ups and downs that it brings to those involved. It’s very easy for some to sit at home or behind their computers and condemn those that have been doing real work. Now it’s time to show others what it is that we as good gun owners can do. Now is not the time to become complacent. Stay vigilant in checking your emails and this site. Stay on top of your Senators and Congressman. We stay have a ways to go, but the good guys are prevailing in this.

    My heartfelt thank you to John Boch for all of the time, effort, and energy you have put into this. I am amazed at your tireless work for the good guys!

  10. Thanks JBoch and the GSL crew for all your behind the scenes work and for keeping us informed. KUDOS KUDOS !!
    I’m still wondering what happens on the 9TH, do we have Constitutional carry till this is implemented, or is that on hold?

  11. A reasonable beginning. Thanks to Illinois gun owners who stepped up to the plate. Must still stay on guard. The opposition wants to limit it any way they can. In time we need to cut out the part that is oppressive. Thanks all.

  12. What a great day !!!!!, Yes the bill is far from perfect but it’s SHALL ISSUE w/ PREEMPTION .
    we turned no issue to shall issue, and over the years we knocked down countless AWB’s, mag bans, registration schemes, and on and on. so don’t be all bummed out about the bad parts of this bill. we will bend this into shape as well. the fights only begun and seriously we were never going from Illinois to Arizona in one vote. it will take time. congrats !!!!

  13. Thanks to all at GSL and all the other firearms’ rights organizations for the work involved in this milestone, it was you guys that keep us informed and pestering our legislators. I know I wasn’t the only one calling and e-mailing them until they about know me by name and the issues that most concern me(us). Thanks for your guidance, and thank God for the freedom to persuade the “squishies”. May God bless America, again!


    1. Other good news, I happened to see Mr. Harris coming out of the post office yesterday and the Urbana gun range is on track, they don’t have possesion of the building yet but are going over plans for renovation and the zoning is not an issue, Champaign County is apparently looking favorably on this new business. Looking forward to it being just a mile down the road from me.

    2. Same here. About a mile from my place as well. No more having to drive to Bloomington for winter indoor shooting.
      And my thanks as well to John Boch for his hard work. The key legislators pretty much know me from the sound of my voice. That is a very good thing

  14. Today is a day of celebration! And a day to say thanks to all who fought the good fight for Illinoians. It’s not perfect a bill, but I am pleased to be on the cusp of something I didn’t think would happen just 6 months ago. At least this year. I’ve been in the fight for a few years, and hope everyone will continue to make a contribution where they can to see this start improved upon. Following this political debate, writing the emails, receiving replies and letters in return, turning in the witness slips, all of it has proved to me that, We the People, really can be heard. But the real efforts and my gratitude goes to those closer to the battle. Thanks GSL, Todd, Molly, Brandon, IC. It takes talent and fortitude to gain a Yea Vote from Mr. Speaker. That was unbelieveable!

  15. Congratulations to GSL , John B., and all the other groups and citizens who worked for years to make this happen! Now all I need is to find some ammo and a new GSL class! Bravo, guys!

  16. Just because you name a a piece of crap a “rose” doesn’t mean it still doesn’t stink.
    I’d rather fanny pack carry for 5 years while they try to make it better than go though all the hoops this bill has.
    This state needs an enema.

    1. Don’t let the desire for perfect get in the way of the obtaining of good.

    2. Clearly you don’t realize just how bad this bill is. You must have the unconstitutional “foid” card or you don’t even have a semblance of gun privileges. This bill was rushed in the final moments with a bunch of amendments that we don’t have full analysis on. I get so tired of you people with your buzzphrases like “don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good.” Your type always caves and we really don’t get any “good” in the end. Poor people who cannot afford the HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS for this new permission slip will be unable to defend their families from attackers and you call that “good?”

    3. So you would rather have the NY/NJ/MD style carry that would have been jammed up our back ends had this deal not been reached? This bill isn’t too far off of what Texas (yes Texas) had for years.

      More people will be carrying in IL in a year than in CA/NY/NJ/MD combined. Feel free to not get one.

      This bill will be improved over time as long we keep working together and not crap over all the organizations/people that do the heavy lifting.

    4. While “they” try to make it better? …perhaps “You” should try to make it better.

  17. Does this bill still contain preemption? I prefer having my full constitutional rights in 98% of Illinois and allowing the liberals to enact whatever carry restrictions they want in their hellhole cities which they’ve already ruined. Shytcago is already a “no go” city for MANY reasons, and even if you have a permit, and you end up having to use it, do you really want to have to face anti gun chicago prosecutors? I say stay out of chicago and let them pass a “rich person’s ONLY” carry statute, while the rest of us carry without any illegal and expensive permission slip. Here’s hoping Quinn vetoes this illegal bill. If you think you need a government permission slip to protect your life then you are an idiot, and if you want to force ME to get an expensive government permission slip before I can protect my life, then you’re an idiot who is not in keeping with the constitution.

  18. What about the onerous CFP? This is Chicago gun registration. Is that still valid under this new legislation??

  19. I will not celebrate until the first permit is issued. If the FOID is any indication, that will not happen during the Obama administration. Boy, I hope I’m wrong, but right now, I don’t think so.
    If we had gotten to carry on out of state permits pending the implementation, I would feel better. Or even if out of state permits would become valid on the date that the state has been charged with the responsibility to have the machinery ready to make this law a reality. Such is not the case.

  20. Good Job, John and others at GSL. Take pride in your work!
    Brian and Monica Heatherton

  21. You guys are all celebrating this like it’s a win????

    Have you SEEN all the exemptions/exempt/do-not-carry areas??

    For pete’s sake, we’re all going to be violating the law because, as we travel, we won’t have a clue that we’re even IN a prohibited area.

    This law sucks. You outta be ashamed of yourselves for cowardly calling it a win.

    1. I suggest you move out of the state and take mister repeal with you. People like you two would bitch if a golden spoon was shoved in your mouths. If you don’t like it just don’t apply for a permit. Or better yet run for local office and work your way up the Governors job. You’d make a great Chicago politician, then you could run your own CC bill thru both House’s and have everything in it you wanted…..NOT

  22. Did everyone think we were going to go from the most anti-gun socialist state in the union to bring Arizona gun friendly overnight? Anti gonna happen folks!

    I urge everyone to read the bill forwards and backwards! Don’t look at the rumor mill. You’ll find that it’s a bill we can live with, then work on, chip at, and polish.

    We have shall-issue carry with Preemption, the mag ban was defeated, kotowski’s butt was chewed on by Cullerton for a few minutes, then left the chamber crying……. What more can we ask for in a single day from our representatives in Springfield?

  23. The fees necessary for the poor to be able to protect themselves amounts to nothing other than the old poll taxes. They make it such that large amounts of people are not able to exercise their constitutional right. How is this complying with the court’s ruling? What if they made the fee $10K? Would that be considered too much? For some poor people, it may as well be. The ruling by the court specifically mentioned Chitcago, yet with this bill, that is exactly where large amounts of people will not be able to afford concealed carry. I believe the $150 fee is the highest in the nation. Add to that all the other expenses necessary, and it amounts to not complying with what the court ruled. They may still have the last say on this bill.

    1. it’s a ridiculously high fee, but the court may also say that if you have the money to buy a concealable gun, holster and ammunition, the extra $150 isn’t burdensome. Or they may say that the state has to provide free training for lower income people…

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