Tio Hardiman, the head guy in charge of CEASE FIRE Chicago. Hey Tio, have you stopped beating your wife yet?

CHICAGO (CBS) – The head of a publicly funded anti-violence group is now facing charges after allegedly attacking his wife inside their suburban home.

Tio Hardiman, the head of Cease Fire/Cure The Violence, was arrested after allegedly striking his wife, Alison, in Hillside, CBS 2′s Mai Martinez reports.

Hardiman was booked at the Hillside Police station and has been charged with domestic abuse. He is scheduled to appear in bond court on Saturday.

His wife suffered bruises.

Chicago gave a million dollars tribute to these CEASE FIRE scumbags earlier this year to “prevent” gang violence.

It’s been a real success…

Photo below by Second City Cop.

One thought on “Why so violent?: CEASE FIRE director busted for domestic violence”
  1. Gee, he looks like such an upstanding young man, who would think that he is such a thug punk that he would beat on someone he supposedly “cared about”? Do you suppose he has/had a FOID card? Did LEO confiscate it and any firearme he had? Or if he didn’t have a FOID card LEO probably assumed he had no weapons, Right? (sarcasm) After all, as head of “Case Fire” (and former gang affiliate?)he wouldn’t believe in the ownership of firearms, Right? (sarc. again)

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