On a vote of 45-12-1, the Illinois Senate passed Shall-Issue right-to-carry within the last hour.

Expect a vote in the House within an hour or two.


4 thoughts on “HISTORIC: Illinois Senate passes shall-issue carry by historic margin”
  1. And shortly thereafter, our beloved Sen. Frerichs sent me an email telling me how PROUD he was that IL has “joined the other 49 states who have conceal carry.”

    I seriously vomited in my throat a little bit.

    Prayers are in order.

  2. So our “good senator” is suppose to be pro 2nd Amendment and CCW. I called his capital office and simply stated that while “shall carry” is great, what happens if God forbid, some nut case or gang banger opens up on a local event or up in a Chicago event. Better yet when their “wildings” start happening with shooting. We gun owners can’t do a damn thing about it because even if we are carrying the law says we have to be arrested also. And you just know the local State DA Miss Reitz is going to go after us with much delight. What a life in the Liberals Democratic Dominion of Illinois under dictator Madigan and his puppets.

  3. Some perspective … this sucks. It really does. It’s a polished turd.

    But it’s better than where we are today: Class 4 felony for carrying, anywhere, under any circumstances.

    The option of a better law just wasn’t there, thanks to the crooks in Springfield and Chicago. So we take it, acknowledge the incremental improvement, and then get right back into the fight to improve things!

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