Guns Save Life is neutral on the latest incarnation of the Illinois Concealed Carry bill which can be found here.

We cannot, and will not endorse a bill which

  • leaves local ordinances regarding magazine bans intact, leaving those who carry the most common personal defense handguns in America today subject to arrest in Chicago.
  • requires sixteen hours of training – more than any other state we are aware of – AND which does not recognize more than eight hours of previous training.
  • does not offer any form of reciprocity for out-of-state licenses.
  • requires $150 for a license fee to exercise a right that has been held to be a fundamental, individual Constitutional right.  This is nothing more than a poll tax to exercise one’s right to carry a firearm outside the home.
  • has nearly two dozen classifications of prohibited locations, many of these areas suffer from high rates of violent crime already.
  • cumulatively will require an applicant to spend upwards of $1000 to acquire a permit to carry in Illinois on top of the purchase prices of a handgun, holster, belt, personal defense ammunition and other accessories. ($150 license fee, $250-300 for class tuition, $100-150 training class ammunition, $100-200 hotel accommodations, $50-75 in fuel, $50-75 in food and beverages)


We will not actively oppose this bill only because

  • It is a shall issue bill that brings Illinois out of the dark ages of civilian self-defense, joining the other 49 other states in recognizing their law-abiding residents’ right to possess a firearm for self-defense.
  • It does not offer a carve out for Cook County, which frankly needs carry more than any other county in the state given the rampant violence present in that liberal stronghold county and their strict local gun control laws.
  • It eliminates Chicago’s gun registration scheme, which is a huge win for Chicago residents.


Overall, here are our thoughts on this bill:



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23 thoughts on “The “compromise”: We’re NEUTRAL.”
  1. Patchwork laws of cities to be mindful of, wow. Still hope your car is a safe place to keep it.

  2. time to move to Texas. (or Indiana, or Wisconsin, or Oklahoma, or Utah, etc….)

  3. Well, if it becomes law hopefully we can improve it in the near future. It is a awful bill.

    1. “7th Circuit Strikes Illinois Concealed-Carry Ban, Gives State 180 Days to Revise Gun Law”
      You will never get a better bill (law) if this is what you get after all the hard work that was put into this.
      (1) We need a clean slate in Springfield. (we won’t get it)
      (2) We need to get rid of all the Chicago influence. (we won’t get that)
      (3)We need to get rid of (educate)all the low information welfare sucking scum bags that vote for these A holes. (that won’t happen)
      (4)…..Those that can……need to leave this state, take their money with them and let the all knowing powers to be see how much tax money they can raise from a bunch of losers that only have what they suck off the welfare teat.

      This is all pathetic. And all while Texas trains it’s teachers to defend the schools.

    2. I could not agree more with your sentiment. My plans are to leave this cesspool as soon as possible.

  4. Im against it… let them fly it into the ground and be forced to address this again in the 7th dist.

    1. WHAT were they afraid of? ISRA’a Moran states it could even be a Trojan horse. Then why not shoot it down? Hopefully they have a strategy to go forward. I think our side squandered the 7th circuit ruling which is the best I’ve seen in support of our side.

  5. John, your image posted above says it all. The really nasty thing is that we are all going to force fed that pile. Ohhhh I am not at all sure that we will be better off than before the December court ruling.

  6. The last unconstitutional bad bill stood in place for 20 years until the gun organizations challenged it and won. The politicians just stood around and waxed optic. If Chicago gets any victory here its for the next life time. As in “Atlas Shrugged” it’s time to leave and be productive else where.

  7. The pile passed the senate 45-12
    Would you like to swallow yours with cream and sugar? lol

    1. There may be some silver linings but I don’t see them yet. Anyone? Are we better off now than before the ruling? I hope that we have not passed a set of spring traps for every gun owner that gets a permit.
      Be Careful Out There!!!!!

    2. I sure want to see who voted which way.
      Illinois is at best, a disgusting state.

  8. Sooooo what have we gained???? Spend $1000. On the path to carry ? OR. Keep on doing what I am doing right now, Transporting. Legally ???? That’s. FREE. Hummmm. What ever shall I do ???? I think I have the answer !!!!

  9. I don’t like it. But, there are enough positive aspects to accept it. Hopefully the courts will help straighten some of this out later, and we still have the same legislative rememdy we had last month… only we have a shorter path to get to a reasonable result once this is law.

    Unfortunately, the halmark of a good compromise is that neigher side is happy with the results. Well, this must be a good compromise by that definition.

    1. The hallmark of a good compromise? That’s the party of Bob Dole and Bob Micheal. If you’re still thinking compromise because that’s what they taught in good government class, might as well take it w/o benefit of KY.

  10. It is representative of that pic but it could have been much larger and/or runnier. We could have gotten shafted w/ a NY/NJ/MD style Kwame bill.

    1. Totally disagree. If we had the votes to defeat anti-gun legislation, we SHOULD HAVE had those same votes to JUST SAY NO. I hope ISRA has a strategy.

  11. You’re right, a pile of crap. Basically you can protect yourself so long as you drive to wherever you go. Too bad we did not make THEM test the bounds of the 7th circuit ruling.

  12. HB183 is a bad may-issue bill. I will be interested to see if anyone gets a license under it, and if such persons get harassed or worse.

    HB183 is a may-issue bill because it allows poorly defined discretion by any law enforcement agency in section 15:

    (a) Any law enforcement agency may submit an objection to a license applicant based upon a reasonable suspicion that the applicant is a danger to himself or herself or others

    It creates a review board which can keep secrets. It is shielded from FOIA and open government laws. See section 20.

  13. I yell AMEN to this article. I just wish the writer would call for a veto (but that would make the scumbag governor want to sign it if he found out that pro gun forces want this abomination vetoed). The good aspects to this bill, which are few and are listed in the article, are drowned by one aspect: TO HELL WITH COOK COUNTY and it’s gang bangers and lefty politicians. 98% of Illinois should go “Vermont carry” and let the liberal hellholes enact local ordinances like this, which will keep good people OUT of places that are too dangerous to go anyway.

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