Call your Illinois State Senator and let them know you want them to support “shall issue” carry, with state-wide pre-emption and to OPPOSE Kwame’s “may issue” bill.

This bill will come up early in the day today.

ALSO, TELL THEM NO ON THE MAG BAN bill also due up for a vote today.

Last night, NRA-ILA sent this out:

Illinois: Right to Carry Legislation Endangered in Springfield

Vote on Flawed Bill Imminent- Contact your state Senator TODAY!

This week, in another attempt to skirt the United States Court of Appeals ruling to institute Right to Carry in Illinois, anti-gun state Senators are racing to force votes on severely flawed House Bill 183 with Amendment 4.  This faulty concealed carry legislation does not have total firearms preemption safeguards, and instead attempts to exempt certain municipalities from any ?shall-issue? mandate and allow individual towns to expand the list of places statewide that are off-limits to anyone carrying a concealed firearm for self-defense.  If such exemptions are adopted, a large percentage of Illinois? population would be denied the ability to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense based on their residency and the confusing patchwork of laws will put ALL gun owners statewide at risk of felony prosecution.  Additionally, Senate President John Cullerton plans to further punish those who are concealed carrying by omitting provisions to safeguard carry in your vehicle, ban carry in restaurants and increase penalties for violating some of the arbitrary and deeply flawed provisions of the bill.

Call your state Senator TODAY:  Tell him or her that any compromise and vote in favor of this type of legislation is a vote against Right to Carry.  Demand their opposition to House Bill 183 with Amendment 4, and any anti-gun legislation.

And last night, Senator Chapin Rose sent this:

Dear Friends

As of 10:00 PM, Tuesday 5/28…

Senator Forby’s/ Rep. Phelps’ Senate Bill 2193 was defeated in the Senate Executive Committee by a vote of 6-8. Senator James Clayborne sided with the 5 Republican members of the committee.

Later this afternoon, the committee adopted an amendment to Senator Raoul’s HB 183, with a vote of 8-4-1. The Republican members of the Executive Committee voted “no” or “present” on the Raoul version of concealed-carry legislation.

As a reminder the Forby/Phelps bill included preemption and was a “shall” issue concealed-carry version. Raoul’s bill is written for “may” issue. We are clearly at a stalemate at this point, I will likely send out another update tomorrow. I will remain strong and hope to vote on a “shall” issue bill that allows all Illinoisans the same concealed-carry rights.


Chapin Rose

State Senator

[emphasis added]


Why stalemate?

Well, Senate President Cullerton killed House Speaker Michael Madigan’s carefully crafted grand “compromise” yesterday in a Senate hearing.

It’s unlikely that Madigan is going to allow a “may issue” bill back through his chamber, and that’s assuming it passes the Senate.

The legislature adjourns Friday.  Two days from today.

Cliff, here we come.



13 thoughts on “IL Legislative Update: CALL and Stalemate.”
  1. NEWS-GAZETTE this morning had an article about CCW and mentioned Senator Christine Radogno (R) the Republican leader in the Senate. According to the article she has concerns about premption and they should start with a clean slate and work from there. Apparently her calender has more days in it than mine does. This is Wednesday the last day of session is scheduled for Friday and June 9th is a week and a half away. Unbelievable!

    1. Did you also notice the got the bills mixed? They said SB2193, Kwames bill passed out of committee to be voted on by the Senate????? Local journalism at its best!!!

  2. I certainly find Senator Rose to be engaged and working for us. He is not my Senator and has returned my calls twice and been very helpful.
    Bill Brady is my Senator and never returns my calls. Very disappointing to say the least.

  3. In February we were told 997 was in the bag because we were in the driver seat and we were going to ram through exactly what we wanted. The Democrats wouldn’t be able to stop us. I reminded people who I speak to in the Bloomington area that we should not get our hopes up due to the fact that we are dealing with Chicago Democrats and they control this state from Chicago to Cairo. These Chicago boys don’t twist arms to get what they want, they break arms to get what they want. We got a watered down bill through the house that had Madigan’s support and was a decent bill to start with. Madigan all but guaranteed it would pass the Senate. Madigan working with us?????? I’d like to ask who does anyone think Madigan would rather work with on this, Democrat Cullerton who is as anti-gun as Madigan, or us no good gun totters? Madigan knew it would not get through the Senate but it would slow everything down. The Chicago Democrats want to hit this wall so they will still have control of Chicago and we get our Constitutional Carry. Yep, we’ll be able to carry, but where? There’s over 200 home rule cities in the state. Can we know them all? What about restaurant carry? What about schools, day cares, sporting events, community events and fairs? There will be so many questions it will be to risky to attempt to carry for constant fear of arrest due to the unknown. Chicago wins again and continues to control the entire state. The Democrats take way too much pride in Illinois being the last hold out to any kind of CCW legislation and they ain’t ready to give that up.

    1. This means nothing!!!
      “7th Circuit Strikes Illinois Concealed-Carry Ban, Gives State 180 Days to Revise Gun Law”
      Bull Shit!!!!
      All the Chicago jerks are laughing at us.
      they don’t give a rats ass about anyone’s “rights”

    2. Its time to make Cook its own state! For too long the people of IL have been ruled over and treated like serfs by the Castle By The Lake and its corrupt political machine… I know it will never happen but I can dream, can’t I?

  4. It will be hard. But, if we end up with constitutional carry, then what strategies can we use to build uniformity across the state?

  5. In talking to both Senate Republican leader and specifically Raouls office, I reminded them that when they pass anything that stinks to the 7thCA, the court is likely to vacate it and set their own specific. It won’t go to SCOTUS because of the precedence it would set with other state. The legislators all agreed with me.
    In the meantime Friday is coming up real soon unless Quinn extends the session.I don’t see the happening but this is Illinois, anything is possible.

    1. I was incorrect. Talked to the 7th CCA who stat that it is up to state to pass whatever type ccw they desire. If it stinks then a suit would have to be forthcoming. There is no “smell test” done by the court. It is either passed or doesn’t. So much for a legislator aid or lawyer telling me crap..

  6. I smelled a rat from the git go with Madigan’s “compromise”. He had assurance it would be shot down in the Senate. We’ve been gamed, just as when Chgo Dems backed away from 997 after promising to vote for it. My bet is Madigan chose those who pulled off that scam. This whole thing is rigged.

  7. I trust no one north of 80 and I trust very few (damn few) south of 80

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