The leftist gun grabbers’ new role model? Felons and jailbirds, apparently.

Leftist civil rights opponents are touting a recent article (Daily Leftist Beast / NY ‘Jayson BlairTimes) written by Matthew Parker, a man who has been arrested thirty times, caught eight felonies and spent eleven years in prison as some sort of “I told you so” that the NRA is lying when it says criminals can get guns illegally.  Quote:  “I know [SCUMBAG’S NAME REDACTED] never could have gotten an illegal firearm.”

Nevermind that killing his mother to take her guns unlawfully made them “illegal firearms”.

What a dunce.

Trying to dumb down the low-information types.


4 thoughts on “Brave new world: 30-time loser, with eight felonies explains why you shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun”
  1. What he is really saying is that we should not be allowed to own guns because it would make his lifestyle safer for him and his ilk.

  2. How is it that every gang-banger in Chicago all under age, uneducated thugs have illegal guns?

  3. I think Mike Bloomberg should adopt this guy like Peter Sellers adopted Ringo in “The Magic Christian” (1969).

    It would be just as ridiculous, yet just as appropriate.

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