State Journal-Register reports that they’re close…

Something tells me it’s going to be a shameful compromise, knowing that Kwame Raoul seems to think he’s in the driver’s seat…  and he may be.

A concealed-carry compromise between the Illinois House and Senate is closing in with just days left in the scheduled spring session and a court-ordered June 9 deadline to craft legislation looming over lawmakers’ heads.

Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, sponsor of the Senate’s gun bill, said Wednesday that talks between both houses are advancing in an attempt to reach some middle ground

“We’re very close,” Raoul said, adding that this is the closest both sides have ever been on controversial gun issues.

But both chambers’ key lawmakers are still miles apart on how to approach a pre-emption provision pro-gun advocates are pushing that would wipe out all local gun ordinances — even those unrelated to concealed carry.

A Democratic-controlled Senate panel on Tuesday rejected the House’s gun bill that erases such laws, and then approved its own alternate, but similar, version that keeps local gun ordinances, like Chicago’s assault-weapons ban, intact.

4 thoughts on “They’re closing in on a deal…”
  1. Hey look kids!!! More compromise. More rights being stripped from the People of Illinois. This state is unbelievable.

  2. STALL it madigan style and honest Americans defeat the collectives utopians

  3. I hope no ones tries to spin this to look like a good deal for us.(if it’s not)
    That’s what leftist, Chicago sum bags do to try to make you think they care about the little people. I’ve heard enough of that crap.

  4. Just stall and let constitutional Carry take effect. Best gun bill is no gun bill.

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