Chicago isn’t safe.

We’ve said this for at least a couple of years now, recommending that gun owners and their families avoid Chicago because of the rampant violent crime – even in areas of the city formerly believed to be “safe”.

How bad has it gotten?

This fall, Chicago Fire Department members will be required to provide overwatch for kiddies walking to schools.


And even today, it’s out of control…  it’s bad enough that criminals are brazen enough to pull an armed robber across the street from a police station!

Chicago (Tribune) – A convenience store across the street from the Rogers Park police station was held up at gunpoint overnight, police said.

The robber entered the store, pulled a gun and demanded money from a clerk standing at the register in the 6500 block of North Clark Street around 11:25 p.m. Sunday, according to Police News Affairs Officer Jose Estrada.

…Estrada described the robber as a black man, about 6 feet tall, wearing a black hoodie and black jeans. He appeared to be about 30 years old and weighed 160 pounds.

6 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Firefighters enlisted to protect kids on way to school, business robbed across from police station”
  1. It’s happened more than once that the Madison st fire station got a 911 call at dinner time, found to be a false alarm, and returned to find the locals had broke into their station and stole their dinner.
    I hate this festering place.

  2. What exactly are UNARMED firefighters going to do against gangbangers and other armed criminals? It’s a nice show, I guess, until the savages get tired of it and pop a few firemen.

  3. Cool! This is why I and every other of my bros became firefighters – so we could babysit snot-nosed kids in the land of graft and corruption! Yayyyy me!

  4. This firefighter situation is the “solution” to the school closings that will force the crossing of gang territory lines for school attendance. Firefighters are going to be endangered, some will likely be casualties and BINGO the union will lobby for “hazard pay” increases.

    Hilariously, this is what the people of Chicago voted for. Again. Still.

    Throw in people carrying in order to defend themselves and its going to erupt for a while. Yes, the loyalists will then instantly claim victory in their wild Wild West claims and media will frenzy but then they will be amazed by the fall off as armed Citizenry take back the peace street by street day by day. They will be left with whining about increases in drop out rate cuz high schoolers refuse to cross gang lines. Maybe THEN they will actually have to point at GANGS!

  5. If the government is to be trusted with protecting everyone, why is Mayor “Dead Fish” not screaming for the National Guard to be posted at every street corner?
    Having unarmed firefighters trying to guard kids walking to school through gang country is just asking for daily casualty lists. If I worked for CFD, I’d be trying to get a job in another city, and FAST…

    1. Jake, government has already been judicially absolved of the responsibility to protect everyone. Its not their duty to do so. Indeed, its right there on parchment that its our duty, our responsibility, our RIGHT, to defend and protect ourselves. I recall BLAGO calling for the guard to post on the streets, and he got sent to jail.

      Im thinking that powers of the machine now want to pass june 9 absent legislation. They want to use media after the date to portray Chicago gun violence as CAUSED by unregulated carry. They think public opinion will force what they want now but cannot pass – special rules for Chicago that are controlled by the machine. They fail to realize that such a plan will backfire though. For Chicago violence will decrease significantly when criminals finally recognize that the fish in the barrel days are over.

      They want carnage, but they will not get it for more than a few weeks. Criminals may well be criminals but they are not beyond the idea of self preservation. When they witness people carrying, innocent people they used to call targets who were unarmed, they will chill out. No doubt about it.

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