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We must keep in mind that not all Democrats hate our gun rights.  Rural Democrats are a whole ‘nother species!


Dems Shoot Themselves in the Foot Again On Guns

Kurt Schlichter | May 13, 2013

(Townhall) – Despite suffering the most humiliating rejection of his presidency, President Obama and the liberal establishment are determined to revive their failed gun control scheme. That’s a good thing. The Republicans should remember Napoleon’s warning that you should never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake. This mistake will cost the Democrats dearly in 2014.

We need to understand that the motivation behind the gun grabbing campaign has always been more than just naked political calculation. Certainly, liberals think it will help motivate their base and maybe shore up the squishy suburban mom demographic for 2014, but this is really a campaign fueled by emotion.

That emotion is hate.

This isn’t about dead children. If saving kids was their real motivation, liberals would have long ago allowed the police to end the daily slaughter in Democrat-owned war zones like Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C. No, this campaign is driven by elitist hatred for regular Americans who refuse to bend to their will, who defiantly live life on their own terms, and who stubbornly resist accepting the moral supremacy of the urban liberals who would rule them.

They want to show us who is boss, to put us in our place, to take away the proud symbols of – and the tools that protect – our independence for one reason and one reason only. They want to show that they can. They want to demonstrate that what rights we have come not from our maker but from them, to be granted or withdrawn as they please.

They want us disarmed, demoralized and defeated. They are furious that we refuse to allow it, but anger is a poor foundation for building strategy.

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One thought on “Leftist gun-hating Democrats look to shoot themselves in the foot once again on guns”
  1. Democrats, by their very namesake, stand against inalienable rights. Thus, they are not another animal at all. Might they vote differently than inner city loyalists? Maybe and sometimes, but they still believe that they hold the authority to hold the vote in the first place – that they are empowered to allow or disallow by virtue of their vote.

    And let’s not forget that here in Illinois they stand together in lock step – keeping Madigan in total control. So don’t be fooled and please don’t be apologist. Democrats are what they are – OPPONENTS of our very FORM of government and their GOAL is to DEFEAT IT – and with it all NATURAL RIGHTS to boot. Never forget – it is CONTROL that Democrats seek and destroying our FORM of Government and its founding and framing documents stand In Their way. That makes them, the loyalists, the ENEMY WITHIN.

    In order to resolve a problem it must first be honestly identified. True it is that shooting themselves in the foot is beneficial from the point if view belonging to patriots defending the Constitution, but a replacement for being honest about what the REAL problem is it is not.

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