Looks like the Chicago Democrat Machine couldn’t protect one of its own when word leaked out of former Alderman Sharon Dixon’s arrest Sunday and subsequent release after a mental health evaluation at Mt. Sinai.  Second City Cop and Guns Save Life spilled the beans, forcing “authorities” to do the right thing instead of sweeping the entire episode under the carpet.

Former Chicago Alderman Sharon Denise Dixon (24th) by Melissa Ann Pinney, courtesy of the Chicago Alderman Project.

She was re-arrested and is now being held behind bars and concertina wire.

(Chicago Tribune) – A former Chicago alderman was ordered held on bond today after being charged with illegally carrying a loaded gun at a West Side police station over the weekend, authorities said.

Sharon Denise Dixon–who ended her term as alderman of the 24 th Ward in 2011–was ordered held in lieu of $25,000 bail in a hearing today before Cook County Criminal Court Judge Donald Panarese, said state’s attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton. Dixon, 50, of the 1600 block of South Central Park Avenue, is charged with aggravated unlawful use of a loaded weapon and failure to register a firearm.

7 thoughts on “Sharon Dixon JAILED; Dem Machine couldn’t protect ex-Chicago Alderman from gun charge”
  1. Provided all this woman did was carry a loaded firearm, taking care that she issued no threats or pointed the weapon menacingly, she is being unjustly held and being persecuted unconstitutionally.

    Just as we downstaters MUST NOT throw our Chicago brethren under the bus, we should not throw this machine politician under the bus either. Are there just deserts here? Is it dripping with irony? Absosmurfly. Is it karma? Yup. But regardless, she was exercising a right that belongs to her and we should be TORQUED about it.

    Would any if you like it if loyalists were making fun if you as an activist was jailed for simple exercise of a right?

    The RIGHT thing here was for her NOT to be arrested and NOT charged and NOT prosecuted. THAT’S what we are SUPPOSED to be fighting for, isn’t it?
    EVERYBODY has RIGHTS and only by protecting and defending THAT FACT will we win thus fight.

    Clapping about this arrest is the opposite of what should be done. It should be shunned as bogus. Because it IS bogus (again providing that she was just exercising her rights).

    1. Couldn’t agree more! If we are true to our belief in this natural human right to own and carry tools essential for self defense. We need to make a big stink about this UNJUST persecution folks.

  2. She didn’t have a FOID card either.

    Good luck claiming “unconstitutional” with that as well.

    While you might be right technically, in the real world, you’ll go to jail.


    1. Accepting false premise only served to support its continuation. FOID is on the ropes John – now is the time to reject it openly instead of throw up arms and say oh well the law is the law because its the law.

      It’s time to challenge not the merit of should we or shouldn’t we have a FOID but can we or can’t we? It’s time to challenge beyond forced premise of emotion and force the debate to another level – ON WHAT AUTHORITY dies government claim this ability to decide on a case by case basis who can exercise their inalienable right? OOOPS

      Enumeration of a right removes from the hands of government – even the third branch- the POWER to DECIDE on a CASE BY CASE basis whether a right is really worth insisting upon.

      FOID is a false premise in and of itself. That permission slip is “unconstitutional on its face and in application”. It’s also a poll tax – likewise unconstitutional. It’s time to stand and fight my friend and part if that means openly rejecting every false premise presented to usurp our RIGHTS. FOID is one of them. FELONS ya say? Fine. Make THEM carry a special ID then – not the rest of us!

    2. assrak
      How about if you just go to Chicago carrying whatever loaded arms you own and defend this ex-alderwoman when she goes to court? Didn’t you say in a previous post you would go and back Mr. McDonald in his neighborhood for his Right to self defense? You want this to go to the courts, here is your chance to see it through. But of course you won’t, you are just a “keyboard” activist spouting you trite drivel off of your i(diot)phone, Right? PLEASE go to Chitcago and defend this woman armed to the teeth as you believe, that might slow down your trite drivel posted on about every article you think needs your dim-wit views. GIT-R-DUN DIMWIT!

  3. Upon reading some more it looks to me like this might be a highlight case (extreme possibly) of what happens with duty to inform. I suppose some would think it nuts to tell cops up in that area you are carrying but notice that there is open opposition to DTI from some quarters in that particular neck of the woods. I realize things like can be labeled “antics” but to be honest – it’s the fault of the liars and thieves in the ILGA bringing it to that point. I’ve said for years that it has come to this- the courts have to be flooded, avalanched, with clear cut cases so the judiciary HAS to put a stop to runaway legislatures defying the Supreme Law. Looks to me like this gal seeks a payday – which I reject personally cuz all I want is to exercise my privileges and immunities absent harassment and threats of arrest. But if it has to come to big check payouts to make them comply – so be it.

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