Sort of like how anti-gun leftists are going to need a new paradigm to attack gun rights after the story broke yesterday of the 39% drop in firearm-related crimes since 1993, thanks in large part to the spread of right-to-carry across the nation with the exception of the State of Illinois, of course.


Cliff’s Notes:  Circus in China features a bike race between a bear and a monkey.  Monkey gets a head start.  Bear catches up and eats the monkey.  Caution:  May result in fits of laughter for the cynically inclined.  (Update:  Video link here hit and miss.  Try this one.)

One thought on “They’re gonna need a new monkey…”
  1. They needed a new monkey over five years ago after Heller dispelled the application if the free standing interest balancing approach.

    Is it true that the removal of unconstitutional bans on carrying played a huge part in driving crime down? Of course! But it’s not germane to whether or not the right exists. Arguing on that level is conceding that it matters – open us all up to future curtails the instant the “statistics” change. Remember – we must not let loyalists determine the framing of the debate.

    That crime goes down (or up) is irrelevant to the fact each person owns the individual right to own and carry firearms as a means of defense from aggression.

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