Reader’s Digest has a poll out, surveying America’s low information voters on who they believe most trustworthy in America today.

#1:  Tom Hanks

#2:  Sandra Bullock

#3:  Denzel Washington

#4:  Meryl Streep

#5:  Maya Angelou

#6:  Stephen Speilberg

#7:  Bill Gates

#8:  Alex Trebec

#9:  Melinda Gates

#10:  Julia Roberts

In case you’re wondering, Jimmy Carter was #24.

And you wonder why we elect politicians who believe that Guam might tip over if more Marines are stationed there:


Or re-elect corrupt politicians like Jesse Jackson Jr.





2 thoughts on “LOL: The Low-Information Voters “Most Trusted” individuals”
    1. Know what you mean, so “funny” it hurts. The direct result of “entertainment media”, the dumbing down of students enrolled in the gub’mint endoctrination warehouses (aka: schools). No true history taught but emphasis on sex “education” and anti-religious “progressiveism”.

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