Colion Noir nails it on the head as he takes his progressive, gun-hating detractors to task for attacking him based upon his race.




These people who attack Noir are the same sorts of open-minded people who burn books from authors they disagree with.


(The College Fix) – They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and such is certainly the case coming out of San Jose State University, where two environmentalist professors took a match to an anti-global warming book – plus a photo of their little exercise – leaving an image that clearly illustrates the state of science-based academic freedom on college campuses nationwide.

3 thoughts on “An “uppity negro” to gun-grabbing “progressives””
  1. I’m a gun toting progressive and I am dismayed with people on my side of the aisle. I would never burn a book, not even those that I disagree with completely. I would’ve recycled it for toilet paper instead. More environment-friendly and less pollution.

    Oh, and Colion is cool with me, I like his videos and gun reviews. I hope he won’t be treated like Michael Steele was by Rush Limbaugh and the OFWGs of the right.

    1. Stalin was a gun toting progressive and so was Hitler.
      What fine company you emulate “Dan”.

      May I ask you a question?

      Just what are you progressing to?

  2. Hold on here, this guy has went from bad to worse, he was wearing a Phillie’s cap, but now a Yankee’s cap, come on. Next thing you know he’ll have a Cubs hat on. (shudder shudder)

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