Truly a low-information legislator, elected by low-information voters, apparently…

What an incredibly ignorant wench.


Useful Idiot: Illinois Democrat Says Govt’s Job is to ‘Give Rights’

(Publius Forum) – Illinois State Representative Sara Feigenholtz thinks her job is to “give rights” to people. Feigenholtz recently blurted that out in an interview giving us a perfect example of the key difference between those interested in preserving the American system, its morals, and traditions, and those that have no interest in such niceties and instead what to wholly remake the relationship between government and citizen giving government more and more power over everyone.

In the interview, Feigenholtz, a Chicago Democrat in the 12th District, announced her intention to “give rights” to the gay community in Illinois and felt that this “giving” of rights was one of the most important jobs of elected officials.

“For me, the most precious thing I do as a lawmaker is giving people rights,” Feigenholtz said. “We have a powerful opportunity as elected officials to do this.”

21 thoughts on “Anti-gun Democrat political hack thinks lawmakers give people rights…”

  1. In one unfortunate sense she is absolutely right. Think about it, she and her ilk cannot bestow ‘God given’ rights upon anyone, for obviously neither she nor they are the source of those ‘rights,’ However, when it comes to ‘creating’ previously unheard of, unknown ‘rights’ or even totally ‘unGodly ones’ her cohorts are famous for doing exactly that.

  2. I just threw up a little bit……like you do when you see a dog (or child) vomit….only worse.

    Dear GOD help us!!!!

    Pray for our country!!!!

  3. These people need to be given random drug tests just any other idiot that screws up on the job, especially this poor, ah person …

  4. These people need to be given random drug tests just like any other idiot that screws up on the job, especially this poor, ah person …

  5. I think she means TAKE AWAY. Out rights That’s what the democrats. Want to do. Is. Take away what were suppose to have. Like Lisa. And daddy. And. Cullerton. And Durbin how can anybody overlook. That puppet. And his good buddy. Kirk

  6. There are no such thing as gay rights. Neither are their gender rights nor are their even gun owner rights. There are inalienable Creator endowed EQUAL rights for ALL.
    The saddest thing is that this issue is SUPPOSED to be the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Long ago the two parties really became one in the same by locking arms and becoming an insulator between us and our government – between us and our rights- considering themselves to be the godlike arbiter of our rights.

    Folks – this is the REALITY of how they view themselves. This is how madly the “civil” rights movement has been corrupted. So where did this idea come from to start with? Well, mostly the corruption of the nine robed unelected unaccountable appointed for life kings and loyalists defending their assault upon the Constitution (amending it from within the judiciary). Looking to Baron where the court said the constitution “didn’t apply” or even Marbury where the court claimed a power for itself that does not exist within the judiciary as enumeration or even Slaughterhouse where economic liberty was usurped and amending that made moot most all individual liberty, its easy to see what the corruption has done.

    The Juduciary is making law”case law”. The executive acts like a king and “spends money” and makes “rules” so what’s the legislature to do? Oh yeah, bestow “privileges” they consider to be allowances. The bar has incorporated something of a fake corporate government that basically ignores the constitution. I suppose one could even look to the 16 and 17 amendments to see the most basic corruption – in that those two amendments destroyed the check and balance system of protection.

    Why craft legislation that is limited by constitution when the constitution conflicts with itself?
    The 18th was repealed because it was a huge mistake. The same should happen with the 16 and 17. Until that happens the Republic cannot function. Until judicial review is CHECKED the Republic cannot function. Until the PEOPLE force government to admit that PEOPLE are not STATES, the Republic cannot function. NONE OF IT can be effectively dealt with until the constitution of we the people matches the written Constitution. We are indeed in far worse shape than most realize. Give the Constitution a read – and see that it is indeed being outright ignored by government from start to finish.

  7. This is why it’s a big deal that the Left is leaving out part of the text of the Declaration of Independence. It’s vitally important that everyone understands the words “…they are endowed BY THEIR CREATOR with certain inalienable rights…” Those 3 words define those rights as being natural rights, not something handed down from government. Whether one is Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Jew, Buddhist, or Hindu, it makes no difference… the rights do not come from government, they existed before the government did.

    Such a simple yet vitally important concept and so many people just do not understand it.

  8. She is not the problem. The people who elected her, and others who believe as she does, they are the problem.

  9. In the same vain as her “giving us rights”, i would just like to say, “That’s mighty white of ya, Ms. Feigenholtz!”

  10. Illinois? She must be a pal of the harridan Schadowski (sic) the witch who tagged Tea Party participants as ‘despicable’…

  11. Let them speak freely and openly and often. They reveal themselves and we will know who they are.

  12. WHO THE HELL votes for these morons? Can we PLEASE start teaching civics in school again?

  13. This is not an issue isolated to the left wing, as many have suggested, there are plenty of people on the right who also think they “grant us” rights.

    1. Interesting comment Georgia. Could you opine about some examples? Would you say Mark Kirk perhaps? Or maybe John McCain? Epic fail if so because they are not on the “right”. They are just loyalist progressives with a (R) behind their names.

      Ted Cruz. Now there is an example if someone on the “right”. And he certainly isn’t making a claim as you generalize. Rand Paul? Oh they aren’t on the “Right”?? They must be in the “middle” then eh?

      It will be interesting to see your examples. Note – I’m not disagreeing that some CLAIMING to be on the right are of this same mindset. What I’m saying to you is that they aren’t ACTUALLY on the “right”. They are really just lefties in disguise. Wolves in Sherpa clothing so to speak. The Democrats (and the republicans who act like them) are traitors because they stand AGAINST the republican form of government. They stand openly in opposition to it and actively work to undermine and destroy the very thing they take an oath to protect and defend.

  14. Commie Bimbo slob.. you don’t give me anything, you work for me and are overpaid, incompetent and now proven to be arrogant and stupid. You dont deserve to be treated with any respect since you have none for your oath or our service.
    You truly are despicable.

    Yank lll

  15. How about a background check and a constitution and bill of rights test to any politician who puts there hand on the bible or what ever their using these days?

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