Gun-hating leftists hate it when you bring up history in opposition to their efforts to recreate past tyrannies.


Pro-gun billboard sparks outrage over depiction of Native Americans

(Salon) – A billboard in Greeley, Colorado, is causing outrage among residents because of its use of Native Americans to oppose gun control. The billboard features a picture of three Native Americans with the sarcastic message: “Turn in your arms. The government will take care of you.”

The billboard was paid for by a group of locals who asked to remain anonymous, according to Lamar Advertising, which spoke with KUSA.

9 thoughts on “Left “outraged” over historical reminder…”
  1. It’s working so well in Chitcago, let’s try it everywhere!

    NY state now has their “assault weapon” registration site available. What say we all go there and give them all kinds of phony registrations, just to give them something to waste their time and money on?

  2. I wonder how many people today realize that they are indeed Native Americans….
    A question to ask is “why don’t Republicans make the case like this when “debating” the Second Amendment?”

    Begging for permission slips is the same thing as handing over the arms themselves, for it is indeed turning over the RIGHT either way.

    Concede Nothing. Stand and Fight. Full rights for everyone. No carve outs and no trading rights away. Hold the Constitutional line against all enemies of Freedom both foreign and domestic. There is no such thing as a “good deal”.

  3. Read how well the Federal Gov. took care of my ancestors on the “Trail of Tears”!

  4. “is causing outrage among residents” – Which residents? How many are outraged? More lies by the liberal media. Truth be told, a “reporter” was probably outraged; apparently you can only depict Native Americans if you’re a liberal.

  5. It should feature the Jewish people also. hitler confiscated firearms for “safety purposes” also.

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