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…Judicial Watch recently filed a lawsuit in the Cook County Circuit Court challenging Sheriff Tom Dart’s refusal to honor U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immigration detainers or cooperate with ICE in identifying criminal illegal immigrants for deportation. Cook County jails have released as many as 1,000 criminal illegal aliens sought by ICE in the past 18 months alone.

And are any of these individuals dangerous? You bet.

We filed our lawsuit, in partnership with Illinois counsel Christine Svenson, on behalf of lifetime Cook County resident Brian McCann, whose brother, William “Denny” McCann, was run over and killed in June 2011 by an unlawfully present illegal alien who had just completed a two-year term of probation for a 2009 DUI conviction.

The illegal alien, Saul Chavez, was charged with felony aggravated driving under the influence, but was released by Dart from a Cook County jail in November 2011, despite an ICE immigration detainer. ICE issues detainers when it learns that criminal aliens are being held by state or local law enforcement officials. The detainers require that criminal aliens be held for an additional 48 hours to enable ICE to take custody of them before they are released.

Federal and state laws are clear. They require Dart to honor immigration detainers and cooperate with ICE investigators. So how did this happen? Evidently Dart, instead of following federal and state laws, chose to abide by a September 2011, Cook County ordinance directing him to refuse ICE detainers. He also denied federal agents access to Cook County facilities for investigative interviews.

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We ran into a story this afternoon that we wanted to share.


Two illegal aliens killing Americans that Americans won’t kill…

(Tribune) – Two Chicago teenagers were found guilty Monday in the slaying of a 15-year-old boy who refused to flash a gang sign when a group of gang members confronted him and his girlfriend in 2009, prosecutors said.

Alex Arellano who was burned, beaten and shot, was discovered in the backyard of a vacant home in the 3000 block of West 54th Place a day after he was killed May 1, 2009. On Monday, Jovanny Martinez and Erick Ortiz, both 19, were convicted of first-degree murder in Alex’s slaying by Cook County Circuit Judge Maura Slattery Boyle, said state’s attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton.

Alisa Campos, 25, and Edgar Silva, 22, are both already in prison after pleading guilty in connection with Alex’s slaying, according to court and Illinois Department of Corrections records.

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  1. This issue is going to nail Obama eventually. The Executive is not tasked with deciding which laws to enforce. He is tasked with enforcing laws of the land.

    “Discretion” is being abused and its violating equal protection. Obamas angle here is to refuse to enforce the law and call THAT equal protection. As the folks get a look at LEGALS called Boston Terrorists living on welfare, this tide will turn and stick Barry in the path of a tsunami of anger. No, he doesn’t care, but the rest of his party still does. He may well try to throw the entire party under the bus but he’s gonna lose that one and wind up under the bus himself.

    So what’s the difference between this and sheriffs standing up to not enforce gun control laws? Simple. Immigration is a enumerated power congress is given. Gun control is an authority specifically removed from the hands of government. 😉

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