The Boston Herald nailed it, as did Drudge (above).


Not only was this scumbag on welfare, he and his little brother were on the way to New York City to “party” following the attack last Monday.

No doubt to spend his unearned welfare cash on strippers.

Karl Denninger ravages the left in a post today:


The Left-Wing Lie Machine Takes A Mortal Blow

Oh the irony!

U.S. authorities were on their way to a mountainous region in southern Russia to interview the parents of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, as more details emerged about the brothers’ recent activities in the U.S., including word of where the deadly explosives may have been purchased and that the family relied on welfare for at least some of their time here.

The brothers hated America.

They loved, however, “transitional assistance benefits” — in other words, welfare.

That’s right folks — we paid these clowns to live while they were radicalizing themselves and declaring that America was “the great Satan” and worthy of bombing.

How’s it feel in those liberal bastions this morning?  You now have hard proof that your political policies and “redistributionfactually funded these clowns while they made their plans to blow up runners at the Marathon.

Take a bow, liberals, to the fruits of your policy.

It gets better.

The elder brother bought fireworks — a lot of them too ($400 worth) — in February.  That’s not exactly a time when most people shoot off fireworks, is it?  Even better, he bought fireworks that are full of both lift and bursting charges which are typically black-powder compounds — exactly the sort of explosive that was identified in the bombs.

The Fibbies have said that he didn’t buy enough to make the bombs, but that’s just one sale they know of.  This particular fireworks dealer scanned the guy’s driver license, but unless something has changed recently this is pretty uncommon.  I’ve bought plenty of fireworks and the only thing most of the places I’ve gone to have wanted is my money.  How many more fireworks stores did these two visit?

There goes the “mad bomber uses GUN SUPPLIES” argument too!

It gets even better — a majority of Bostonians apparently figured out that the cops would be happy to come by and sweep up the mess after the terrorists got done with them.  See, the majority seem to have responded that they’d have preferred to have a gun during such an event.

Naw, go figure — you have a couple of madmen on the loose who have proved they’ll walk up to cops and shoot them, and the people would like to have a fighting chance at self-defense?

One by one this incident is taking the bogus arguments used for years by the lying left and demolishing them.  The terrorists were not “Jesus-loving, bible-banging right-wing freaks” — they were Muslims.  The terrorists were not native-born Americans, they were immigrants that we coddled and allowed to remain in the country despite one of them committing a disqualifying crime.  We not only ignored the older brother’s domestic violence we funded them with welfare, literally paying them to live while they hated us and ultimately decided to try to kill us all.  The guns the terrorists bought were not purchased through some “loophole” since there wasn’t one that was possible given the state’s laws on firearms, proving that a criminal doesn’t give a damn about laws whether they pertain to guns or anything else.  Massachusetts has factually had a near-doubling of murders since passing its “strict” gun control, about 60 a year, while the mad bombers managed to kill four, meaning that the bombers did less damage than one month’s butcher bill from Massachusetts liberal gun-banning law, drawing a clear picture on exactly how destructive said laws have been to the life and liberty of Massachusetts residents.

Those on the left have run out of both arguments and excuses and this incident runs the flag all the way up the pole on that account.


Denninger mentions it in his piece.  They welfare islamic warriors bought fireworks for the gun powder necessary to make their barbaric devices.

Unibrow muslim savage in better days before his little brother ran over his loafing self after he detonated a shrapnel-laced bomb.  AP Photo.


(NT Daily News) – Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev walked into a New Hampshire fireworks store two months before his deadly attack and asked for the “biggest and loudest” kit — then got another set for free, the Daily News has learned.

In a chilling twist, the company that sold Tamerlan the fireworks is the same one that sold Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad the firecrackers he used to build his failed car bomb.

The fireworks Tsarnaev bought contained about 3 pounds of black powder — enough, experts say, to build one of the two pressure-cooker bombs he triggered at the Boston Marathon on April 15.

Taxpayer welfare benefits hard at work: The terrorist savage bought two of these to make one of their bombs.


Sorry, Senator Lautenberg:  Your latest gun control proposals would be as impotent at stopping these jihadis as Massachusetts’ strict gun control was in blocking them from getting their hands on guns.



2 thoughts on “Taxpayer-funded islamic jihad in Boston”
  1. Gee, why have fireworks been harder and harder to get as the years pass?
    I’m so suck of the collectivist mindset. Oh terrorists might use fire works or reloading supplies to make bombs so we just have to ban it all.
    The few do bad and the rest of us must be punished.

    Look to Barry’s new plan about his daughters tattoo desires. If the girls get tattoos he said he and Michelle would get the same ones in the same place. Collectivist collectivist collectivist. Ugh!

    We can’t rejoice in our independence on the Fourth of July. This because Muslims might blow people up with fireworks. Gee, maybe it’s more about stopping the rejoicing in independence than about dealing with ongoing ever present Islamic terrorism….

    Hey, I have an idea. Lets create a permission slip for that. Oh wait Springfield already did that. My bad. And then they just denied them……
    Hmmmm. Maybe those permission slip deals aren’t such a good idea.

  2. You know, a friend of mine married an immigrant. He had to sign for sponsorship of her and agreed to provide for her – making her ineligible for any government aid.
    No food stamps, no section 8 no nothing. While illegals soak the taxpayer here in Illinois dry. While folks like this take advantage of the blue state tyrants.

    And folks wonder why people like me hammer the NRA for its “strategy” of helping people like Mark Kirk and Harry Reid? Folks have to come to grips with the REALITY that DEMOCRATS are the open enemy within and that “moderate republican” is just a code word for democrat with an (R) behind their name.

    Brandon Phelps is a Democrat. HIS PARTY is responsible for the soaking, for the freebies and for immigration as it is today (both legal and illegal). His “most restrictive shall issue legislation in the country” is not something to champion – it is something to OPPOSE as a violation of our rights….. All while his party gives away this nations wealth to people who literally blow us up.

    No more waffling. Tell the truth. DEMOCRATS (and republicans who act like them) are DESTROYING this country- one liberty at a time. One concession at a time. One “deal” at a time. Enough! It’s past time to call the spade what it is. A spade

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