Look at the nanny-staters!

“OMG!  It looks like it might be a weapon!  Call the police!  Make an arrest!”

Twits.  Simple-minded, bed-wetting twits.

noun Informal.
an insignificant, silly, or bothersome person: Pay no attention to that obnoxious little twit!

Now that the foreplay is out of the way, here’s our line-up, starting with the most recent in New York City, home of Mayor Nanny-state Bloomberg:

(NBC New York) – A New York University undergraduate student was arrested Monday after police found five air rifles in his dorm room, police said.

A maintenance crew had gone into the student’s room for a routine check when they spotted what looked like five assault rifles on the bed, police said. They called campus security, who in turn contacted NYPD.

Police determined the weapons were airsoft guns, which shoot small plastic BB-like pellets and do not pose lethal danger. But NYU said in a statement, “In this day and age, especially given recent events at Virginia Tech and Newtown, Conn., we will respond swiftly when there is even a possibility of gun involvement.”

The student, Bernard Goal, was arrested on several violations for unlawful possession of an imitation firearm.

Unlawful possession of an imitation firearm?

Holy cow!  You can’t even have a toy BB gun in New York City?  They really are a bunch of bed-wetters there!

I guess I can scratch a visit to the Big Apple off my “good” bucket list.

From NYC, we turn to CHICAGO, otherwise known as Murder City, USA.

A second grade teacher was suspended after being a good teacher and bringing in common hand-tools to his classroom to show the kids the difference between a pair of pliers and a crescent wrench.

“What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen?” you ask.

It’s Chicago.

The school administrators relieved the 17-year veteran with a 4-day unpaid suspension for “endangering the children” and charges he brought weapons to school.

Sounds like the school administrators must have graduated the Shawshank School of Prison Shanks.

All is not well for the administrators of Chicago Public Schools though.  Here’s what’s breathing down their necks…  but ultimately it’s not their money.  It’s OUR money as taxpayers that will pay for their simple-minded, bed-wetting twittishness.

(CNSNews) – Attorneys for The Rutherford Institute have filed a civil rights lawsuit against a Chicago public school district on behalf of a second-grade teacher who was suspended after he displayed garden-variety tools such as wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers in his classroom as part of a “tool discussion” in his class.

Despite the fact that all potentially hazardous items were kept out of the students’ reach, school officials at Washington Irving Elementary School informed Doug Bartlett, a 17-year veteran in the classroom, that his use of the tools as visual aids endangered his students. Bartlett was subsequently penalized with a four-day suspension without pay – charged with possessing, carrying, storing or using a weapon.

The complaint charges that Bartlett “suffered humiliation, embarrassment, mental suffering, and lost wages, and was suspended for four days” – and asks for “nominal and compensatory damages” and for the suspension to be expunged from the teacher’s record.

“This school district’s gross overreaction to a simple teaching demonstration on basic tools such as wrenches and pliers underscores exactly what is wrong with our nation’s schools,” said Rutherford Institute Pres. John Whitehead.


And just when you thought it was safe to go outside, there’s the story we profiled yesterday of the young man who was arrested after wearing an NRA T-shirt to school last Thursday.  “It shows a weapon!” the twits cried out, wringing their hands.

Well, he was back Monday, wearing the same shirt, just daring the simple-minded, bed-wetting administrators and teachers to pull the same stunt.

Many of his classmates, it’s also reported, also wore their NRA shirts in support of the young man.

Jared Marcum, 14, returned to class wearing the same NRA T-shirt that led to his suspension and arrest after he refused a teacher’s order last week to remove it. (13 News screen capture)

It’s good to see America is still raising some kids who know and understand what the Constitution means and says and are willing to say “NO” to imbeciles who demand they surrender their God-given rights recognized by the Constitution.

7 thoughts on “Nanny-state types freak out at sight of so-called “weapons””
  1. I suppose you need a permit to lawfully have an imitation firearm in NYC. Is there a training requirement too?

  2. I’m reminded of a shipment of air softs confiscated by DHS alongside claims that they could be converted to functioning firearms.

    How can one qualify to be security if the cant even identify PLASTIC!
    And these are the same folks who demand others “qualify” for rights. Sheesh.
    Maybe that’s why politicians are so unhinged about training mandates – they think everybody is as stupid as they themselves are.

    (To avoid misunderstandings- Training good. Mandate bad. )

  3. God forbid the 14 year old shoot someone with the PICTURE of the gun on his T-Shirt. My how times have changed. 30 years ago, many schools had shooting ranges on campus and school sponsored rifle teams, kids would go hunting before school and hang their rifles in their truck’s gun rack during class. Now you can’t even go to school with a picture of a gun on your shirt! Really???!!!

  4. Downright embarrassing. Each new generation is going downhill. Guns and the second amendment are what made this country what it is. It is what has kept out all the rif-raf for all these years, ever wonder why there has never been a major military attack on us mainland? Now they are pussifying america and look what is happening, being taken over my radical muslims and sharia law. We need to get back to the old west days when everyone had a gun in their truck and everyone knew it. We need to quit worrying about offending someone and protect ourselves and our way of life, or it will be all gone. In just my 40 years I have seen major changes, as a kid I never heard of muslims or jihad. Now they are taking over and making their law our law.

  5. For a Summary of Underreported News of Firearms Used in Self-Defense please visit: equalforce.net @EqlF1

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