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Got a profile for you of Murder City, USA — otherwise known as Chicago.

It’s the city whose elected officials are largely responsible for denying right-t0-carry to all of Illinois’ residents.

(NY Times) – Meter parking costing more than anywhere else in America — up to $6.50 an hour — with the money flowing to a private company, thanks to the ex-mayor Richard M. Daley’s shortsighted 2008 deal? Or was it the fact that in 2012, of the largest American cities, Chicago had the second-highest murder rate and the ­second-highest combined sales tax, as well as the ninth-highest metro foreclosure rate in the country? That it’s the third-most racially segregated city and is located in the state with the most underfunded public-employee pension debt?

…And yet even as the catastrophes pile up, Chicago never ceases to boast about itself. The Magnificent Mile! Fabulous architecture! The MacArthur Foundation! According to The Tribune, Chicago is “America’s hottest theater city”; the mayor’s office touts new taxi ordinances as “huge improvements.”

…But the bloviating roars on, as if hot air could prevent Chicago from turning into Detroit.


5 thoughts on “A profile of Chicago, Murder City USA”
  1. The city is a craphole. Taxed and regulated beyond belief, Daley signing a 99 !! Year deal to a private company for parking, a sham of a justice system, and chasing away industry with every new fee or regulation. I’m stuck here for a few more years but when I can leave my last look at this place is in my rear view mirror.

  2. …Hah…Like the NY Times has anything to brag about in its own backyard…
    Stop and frisk for anyone, without probable cause;
    Gun crazy cops who are as likely to shoot unarmed bystanders as they are to hit armed perpetrators, or maybe more likely, if they get in an actual firefight.
    Nanny mayor who thinks he knows better about what you should eat and drink and drive, and how hot your shower should be, and how much water you can use to flush your toilet…and wants to dictate to the rest of the country what weapons and ammo they can buy to defend their own lives…
    Unfunded pension statistics that would scare a Bantha…

    What’s going to prevent NY from becoming the third Detroit?

  3. I moved away nearly ELEVEN years ago. Have not regretted it for one minute. Instead of $75 in parking tickets every day, and towed every other week, now I get to exercise my First Amendment right of association with you fine folks!

  4. And “leadership” remains committed to making a deal with those who run Chicago (into the ground).

    It is not possible to get a good deal from these tyrants. There is no reason to concede even one more inch. They got folks to get other folks to believe that if they just conceded a couple more things…. They would “allow” rights. So they did. And them it was just a couple more things…. And a couple more things and finally there was a bill just about nobody liked. And STILL zelewski said -where not quite there yet- just a couple more things, just a couple more concessions…..

    Why concede ANY of it??? To appease the unappeasable? This years debacle is proof positive that unless you concede literally everything they will not “agree”. Well, this time we don’t require their agreement. So stop begging for it. When they come to the table now JUST SAY NO! Give them a taste of their own medicine. Show THEM what it means to concede NOTHING!

    Chicagoans endure a tyranny literally killing them.
    There can be no more deals with tyrant killers. Period.

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