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5 thoughts on “Were Obamaphones used as triggering devices in Boston?”
  1. You mean the program that was started by Reagan in 1984, and then rolled out for cell phones by George W. Bush?

    1. And made famous by issuing cell phones instead of land-line phones by Barack Obama. Yeah, that one.

    2. George W. Bush is the one who expanded the program to cell phones with TracPhone’s SafeLink Wireless in 2008.

    3. Ummm democrats controlled congress in 2008 and CONGRESS is responsible for the landlines AND the cell phones. Interestingly DEMOCRATS controlled CONGRESS on BOTH accounts.

      This right here is why Republican “compromise” is WRONG. They make these “good deals” and them down the road they are blamed for everything. Time to REMOVE that tactic from the progressives. Time to stand and fight- not SAY IT, but actually DO IT!

      No more “compromising”. No more DEALS. No more letting DEMOCRATS off the HOOK. Make them OWN it.

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