Updated part near end.  In short:  Let’s let GE Capital’s co-branded customers feel the heat (and blowback) from GE Capital’s poor decision-making.

If you’re a customer of GE Capital, or a prospective customer, we strongly encourage you to take your business elsewhere.  It’s just that simple.


Breitbart is all over it.

by AWR Hawkins

General Electric’s financial wing, GE Capital, is “quietly” cutting ties with gun stores. The financial group is sending notices to gun stores letting them know ties are being severed and funds will no longer be available for lending.

GE Capital says this action is in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

Interestingly, the father of Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza, an executive at GE Capital.

Additionally, GE did take stimulus money during Obama’s first term; no one has addressed whether that bailout has impacted the financial group’s decisions in any way.

GE Capital is only ending business relations with companies that carry firearms exclusively but will continue to work with retail giants that sell products other than guns, like Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Conveniently, this stipulation allows GE Capital to maintain business relations with Wal-Mart, despite the retailer being “the nation’s largest seller of guns and ammunition.”



Karl Denninger is on fire of late.

He wrote about GE Capital’s decision and noted that GE Capital provides a wonderful list of big companies that GE Capital provides financing.

Here’s an idea:  Let’s use that list as a list of companies we, as gun owners, won’t do business with because they employ financing from a company that discriminates against gun owners (while employing the father of a glory killer).

Here’s a snippet from Karl’s latest:

The firms affiliated with GE and involved in co-branding credit offers are companies we can choose to boycott if we, the people, disagree with GE Capital’s decision.  After all you are not forced to do business with someone who you think sucks big fat donkey <> and it doesn’t matter one bit why you think that.

GE Capital has the absolute right to choose not to do business with gun dealers and their customers.

We the people have the absolute right to not do business with GE Capital and by doing business with those who are funded by GE Capital or who offer credit through it you are choosing to do business with them.

Who’s on this list?  Oh my oh my.  Sporting goods companies, automotive parts and service centers, health care providers and more.

In essentially every case there are competitors who do not use or accept GE Capital Credit, and you can take 30 seconds before choosing to buy — and choose a firm NOT affiliated.

So folks, head on over to the conveniently public list of companies and co-branded offers the next time you need to buy something, especially something expensive.  As Santa Claus says “make your list and check it twice” — and make sure you tell the losing bidders why you’re picking their competition.

In a free market both buyers and sellers express their opinion of one another by transacting or not as they perceive the value of a given transaction to them.

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  1. Solved my debate between a Sanyo and a Lennox high efficiency air conditioner for my new home. Sorry Lennox.

  2. I thought lendong companies couldn’t “red line”…….

    The GE label should now mean this to gun owners –

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