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We wish the language was cleaner, but it is what it is.

Arkansas gun rights advocates are celebrating the Governor Mike Beebe’s signature on Act 746 which decriminalizes the carry of handguns for self-defense purposes, and puts the burden upon a prosecutor to prove criminal intent of a person carrying a handgun.

The press release from Arkansas Carry can be found here.

4 thoughts on “Arkansas goes “CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY”, effective July 2013”
  1. Sounds like the direction Illinois should be heading in. Or maybe I just need to find a job in Arkansas and give up on this state.

  2. Legislatures all over this land are making changes and with the exception of Colorado, New York and Connecticut , they have been making changes that lead away from being sued.
    Whether its this or Arizona eliminating permission slip structures or even Oklahoma relenting on hunting with suppressors, freedom is being expanded in code to avoid violating what is now a fully codified individual right.

    It’s kinda sad that courts must force this in some states from Illinois, with its unconstitutional ban on carrying to New Yorks SAFE act, the old guard of gun control is losing every challenge when cases flow high enough. Ok fair enough, may issue fights took a blow recently -however- I submit that’s because SCOTUS was daring our own Lisa Madigan to appeal Moore. SCOTUS, I think, wants to avoid the coming avalanche of suits and it wants a cars that will settle a great deal once and for all. If Lisa doesn’t appeal the. Moore will be cited by other circuits and it will either hold or it will create a perfect split SCOTUS cannot turn down. Either way, Moore will stand as proper atop heller and McDonald.

    I too wish that Arkansas had been more direct but its pretty good the way it is now. It’s awfully hard to prove intent when no action exists demonstrating it. No doubt about it – simple exercise, just carrying, cannot be criminalized. And that’s a WONDERFUL thing!!

  3. Just remember – the Supreme Court is currently 5:4 on Second Amendment issues. We are just one vote away from this trend being reversed.

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