A little old state senator in Tennessee has enraged gun-hating, far-left liberals with his mockery of them following the recent Boston islamic terror attack.

Tennessee State Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) added a blog post to his personal blog in recent days entitled, “Here comes Feinstein again”.


Campfield’s blog post has attracted the attention and subsequent derision of angered liberals.

In an article at “ThinkProgress” (no, we aren’t going to link to them), the gun-hating leftists there attack Campfield’s post as “insensitive” and write, “Campfield has a long history of questionable comments and actions. Earlier this month, he proposed cutting welfare benefits for kids with poor grades and attacked an eight-year-old critic as a ‘prop.'”

The Senator: Just an average guy….With a real cool job.

Think Progress also noted the Campfield was a plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking to uncover President Obama’s birth certificate.

We have a hard time finding problems with these positions of Sen. Campfield and furthermore, enjoy his sense of humor.

Is Campfield backing down from the left’s public ridicule?


He later posted at his blog:

I Just got a call from the media saying they had gotten a few calls (about a blog post I did) saying it was inappropriate after the Boston bombing.


If my post was inappropriate  talking about “crock pot control” then where is the outrage from the left when they push for gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting? I’m sorry if I exposed your double standard….

 Well, not really.

He’s getting a fair amount of publicity about this in the mainstream media, as hypocritical, apoplectic leftists try to paint him as a cave man.

It’s not working.  After all, according to Saul Alinsky, “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon” is #5 on his “Rules for Radicals”.



7 thoughts on “Tennessee State Senator enrages gun-hating leftists”
  1. Just called his office and thanked him for a job well done. He’s standing up for what’s right. Wish our more of our Senators were more like him.

  2. Senator Campfield is known (and appreciated by patriots) for his outspoken passion on the issues. We are all tired of the elected officials that sugar coat everything. The one thing we admired about Senator Campfield is his passion for speaking out on issues that others shy away from. He speaks his mind. He is honest. We need more of his kind. He will speak out against a wrong no matter who it is…Republican or Democrat. When I need to think of an elected official to speak to about the difficult issues the first people I think about is Mae Beavers and Stacy Campfield. Neither of these people are my elected officials but the bills they support affect the entire state. I surely hope we have Senator Campfield on our side as we fight Common Core.

  3. Hooray for Senator Campfield. Wish he were in my district so I could vote for him. Finally a REAL MAN who speaks for the people not the greedy corporate elects.

  4. HOORAY!!!! You go Stacy!!! I approve of your honesty to put it out there! Your just what we need and need more like you!
    Beverly Finnell
    Events Coordinator
    Sever County T-Party
    Severville TN.
    Please consider coming to speak to our membership!

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