(04/22/13-Cambridge,MA) MIT Police Chief John DiFava is hugged by a member of the MIT community, shortly after a moment of silence that commemorated the one week mark of the Boston Marathon bombings, a terror attack that led to the killing of MIT Police officer Sean Collier. April 22, 2013. Staff photo by Mark Garfinkel. Caption by Boston Herald.

If you’re a dirt-bag criminal, what’s the quickest and easiest place to find yourself a pistol, a shotgun and maybe a patrol rifle along with plenty of ammo when in places where guns are highly regulated and seldom seen among civilians in place like Illinois, New Jersey or say… Massachusetts?

Find yourself a parked squad car with a cop inside it.

Kill the cop and go shopping.

As an added bonus, you might be able to pick up some body armor, police radios and heaven knows what else.

That’s exactly the motive investigators have concluded was the reason why the welfare recipient islamic jihadists in Boston killed MIT police office Sean Collier.

Unfortunately for the bumbling evil men, Collier’s level-three retention holster retained his pistol on his lifeless body following the ambush assassination and the islamic tangos left without his duty weapon.

As a homicidal criminal predator or islamic terrorist, you don’t need any special government permitting or waiting periods if you kill a cop and take his guns.  There’s no record-keeping requirements, financial payments, background checks, or child safety locks involved with assassinating a cop to get a high-quality gun quickly.

In the process, society loses a trained police officer and we see pictures like those above.

One thought on “CRIMINALS KNOW: Need a gun? Kill a cop.”
  1. History tells us that the mobsters of the 1930’s got their thompson machine guns from the police after the mobsters killed them.
    During the debate for the 1934NFA this fact was not brought out.
    The government wanted us to believe the mobsters got their guns by buying them.
    Because a few people were willing to commit crimes the rest of us had to pay with a loss of our rights.
    Shamefully the NRA not only supported the 1934NFA they also were willing to support a ban on ALL semi-auto firearms as well.
    Lucky for us the liberal FDR people didnt want to go that far. they were content with full auto’s

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