There’s yet another run on ammo.

It wasn’t as if ammo was available before the latest jihadi attack on Boston, but if there was any ammo available, it’s gone now, according to CBS Miami.

POMPANO BEACH (CBS4) – Ammunition sellers and manufacturers say there’s been a run on bullets and they can’t keep their shelves stocked.

Jeff Dillard who runs National Armory in Pompano says it’s the worst he’s ever seen.

“I have never seen ammo so impossible to get,” said Dillard.

He said demand for ammunition has been growing and spiked over the past couple of days.

“Because of the terrorist attacks and the gun control legislation people are getting in more of a panic situation,” Dillard said.

When he can get bullets,  Dillard says, they’re expensive.


It has gotten so bad that cops are using Airsoft guns in their training.  And folks, that’s pretty bad.

RICHMOND (KPIX 5) — A nationwide shortage of ammunition has forced several police departments, including Richmond, to find a backup solution for training rounds. Officers said the solution is just as effective as live ammo, not to mention cheaper.

“Everybody is fighting for what is seems like a shrinking amount of ammunition out there,” said Lt. Louie Tirona, firearms and tactics instructor for the Richmond Police Department.

Tirona came up with an idea: using professional-grade Airsoft guns for some of the training.

One thought on “The latest run on ammo leaves cops training with airsoft”
  1. While the general public (non-LEO) may be in full panic and hoarding mode regarding ammo, we aren’t the cause of the shortages. Our actions are the response, not the stimulus. Government did this. Their war on the 2nd amendment, at the federal, state, and local levels is the root cause of these shortages.

    Keep that in mind when folks try to blame gun owners for the run on ammo!

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