Here we go again.

Illinois does elect some seriously low-information legislators.

Republican Tim Bivins is joining that category, along with long-time member Kwame Raoul.

(AP) – A key Illinois senator says legislation allowing public gun possession will carve out an exception for Chicago.

Republican Sen. Tim Bivins  says the measure he and Democratic Sen. Kwame Raoul negotiated would allow Cook County authorities to deny a concealed carry permit even if an applicant passes the required background checks.

The former county sheriff from Dixon says the rest of the state would be governed by a so-called “shall issue” law — anyone meeting requirements would get a carry permit.

Bivins says the bill is being written. He says it’s not ideal but gun-rights advocates have to compromise.

A federal court has ordered Illinois to adopt a concealed carry law by June 9.


Bivins, you aren’t very bright are you?

From Moore v. Madigan decision:

Twenty-first century Illinois has no hostile Indians. But a Chicagoan is a good deal more likely to be attacked on a sidewalk in a rough neighborhood than in his apartment on the 35th floor of the Park Tower.

Bivins, are you really so stupid as to think you can suspend constitutional rights based upon the county in which a person resides, particularly after reading this section of the decision striking down Illinois’ prohibition on carry…  the same decision that gave the General Assembly 180 days to remedy the unconstitutional prohibition on carry.

Can you imagine not allowing Cook County residents the right to freedom of religion, speech or assembly?  Or women or blacks getting the right to vote in Chicago?

This is beyond the pale.

Furthermore Bivins says pro-gun rights activists have to compromise.

Let me let you folks in on something:

We, as pro-gun activists offered up a series of concessions to the bill in exchange for promised votes… increasing the training, limiting reciprocity, adding prohibited locations, upping the fees, etc. etc.

Those promised votes didn’t materialize.

And Bivins says we need to compromise?  SORRY, SCHMUCK-O.

The hard-core opponents could only muster 31 votes for their dream “may issue” carry bill.  31 votes.

We got 64 for the “shall issue” bill we weren’t at all happy with but could live with.  And we got stiffed by about 8 reps.

Guess who isn’t going to be inclined to bend any further?

Nothing is good enough for some of these folks. Well, unlike dozens of times before, the clock is ticking in our favor.

Let’s see how these same people who voted “no” yesterday appreciate utterly unregulated carry come June 9th.

I’ll be carrying, but then again, I’ve got more hours of training than most cops and I paid for every bit of it. Most folks aren’t going to have all that training. But then again, folks in Indiana don’t need a lick of training to carry and nothing bad or disastrous is happening with their carry licensees.  They don’t seem to be appreciably smarter or more mature than Illinoisans.

I think we’ll be okay after June 9th.

But folks better get used to seeing people with guns on their belts.

LASTLY:  We need folks to contact their Illinois State Senators coming Monday morning.

SHALL ISSUE FOR THE ENTIRE STATE is the message.  Furthermore, a carve-out for Cook County will not satisfy the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision.





10 thoughts on “Here we go again: May issue to pop up in the Senate”
  1. *** Face-palm ***

    They don’t get it. They will never get it. They do not want to get it.

    “They” referring to Chicago. “It” referring to the Bill of Rights, US Constitution, and overall Freedom from Government oppression.

  2. Instead of the Kingston Trio pix, should have had the Three Stooges.

    Dan Brady told me this morning he would continue the fight.

  3. Even after a serious biatch-slapping you STILL want to demonize FOID carry as if its a bad thing? It would mean everyone carrying has had their “background Check” for FOID and at least one additional check for the gun they are carrying. You supported a bill with so many concessions it could serve a Cubs baseball game and it STILL wasn’t enough and you still want people to now some more begging for permission slips?

    Really? Seriously?

    What would it actually take for you to SUPPORT a Vermont style carry or a Arizona carry or my god even a Wisconsin carry? Is there ANY threshhold or is it just that you really DO OPPOSE that just as much as the Chicaho machine opposes carry itself!

    I’m not trying to be disrespectful. It’s just AMAZING the ABUSE some take and STILL simply REFUSE to FIGHT BACK. “Irony” doesn’t begin to describe it.

    I say stand up to them by REFUSING all the concessions already made. End the duck mission. No more talking. No more asking. No more begging and no more deals.
    Let June Come – vote NO on EVERYTHING unless its striking subject only to the police state or a striking of FOID entirely and legislated Constitutional Carry.

    Fight back now or demonstrate that you WON’T. The choice is yours and NOW is the proof in the pudding.

  4. You mentioned that promised votes didn’t materialize. Any chance you could name names?

  5. “May” or “MAYbe” I won’t give a permit to carry a concealed weapon.
    It cuts both way. “May” or “MAYbe” won’t vote ass back to Springfield when it’s for your
    re-election. Umm, what will we? Want to guess which way we’ll vote?
    Will you people ever come out your “Land of the Sunshine and Lollipops”?
    Wake up!

  6. John, Do you think it is time to start calling the senators and reps with the message that the original HB997 is the only acceptable YES vote and that Amendment 9 is now a NO vote?
    “Original HB997 or FOID Carry”—–PERIOD

  7. As long as the democommies control the board of elections, we will never get rid of the machine.

  8. I agree with Gary ,no more compromise you are not dealing with rational people . they have not one lick of common sense. I served in the navy at the end of the cold war so I understand socialist . The Chicago machine runs things like the soviet union they are the masters we are the surfs. Stop thinking they will keep their word or compromise one bit they have no honor . HB997 or nothing.

  9. I agree with Gary as well.
    I live in far Northwest Cook. Myself and the rest of Cook County’s residents (INCLUDING Chicago), don’t have any less rights than our neighbors in Lake, Dupage, McHenry, or downstate. Illinois is ONE state and will have ONE law.
    Another article said, “Madigan only wanted the bill to get 64 votes”
    What a laugh. If Little Napoleon had that kind of control, his Cassidy bill would have done a LOT better than a dismal 31 votes. They have NO hope of passing a Cook county carve-out, or New York style “may issue” bill. In a week or two, they had better start BEGGING Mr. Phelps to bring his bill back, because it’s the only one with a chance to pass. No one wants the legal nightmares and confusion that would come with constitutional carry, so they better start facing facts down in Springfield. They need to realize that they are NOT different from the other 49 states. Phelps has already made his bill one of the most restrictive in the nation, so they better grab it while they still can.

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