UPDATE:  THE YOUNG SCUMBAG CAPTURED.  CRITICALLY WOUNDED.  Prayers that he lasts long enough for us to interrogate him.


Well, here you have it.

Two muslim extremist reprobates (capitalization intentional) have terrorized and shut down an entire metropolitan area after a very successful (from their perspective) terrorist attack upon Americans.

Karl Denninger sums it up nicely below.

And, if you scroll to the bottom, we’ll treat you to a picture of one dead jihadi.  Good riddance, scumbag.

Hopefully we’ll erase your brother from the face of this earth, post haste, too.

And what of their family?  Here in America for ten years… to raise such islamic trash?

The question we must now ask is how many more Chechen islamist extremists are in America, eagerly awaiting to replicate this attack, or worse yet, to attack our schools in a Beslan-style attack?

Sadly, our government’s response will be to further curtail Americans’ freedoms, granting these two islamic terrorists a greater win than they’ve already achieved.

Freedom is the antidote to these barbarian savage muslims that want to take the world back to the Seventh Century.  Freedom and a strong ability to fight back against their terror attacks without mercy.

Good hunting to our men and women hunting this reprobate’s younger brother.  The sooner he achieves room temperature, the better.


Here’s Karl Denninger’s excellent take on this:

Obama’s And Boston’s Lesson: Jihad Works

The stupid, it burns.

The wrong answer to terrorism is what we’re doing right now.

What our government is teaching prospective terrorists is that all they have to do is manage to get two jackasses who are willing to die to commit mass-murder, even if they kind of suck at it (let’s face it, when they blew up those bombs in Boston they did commit their intended deed but an hour earlier and 10x as many people would be dead or missing legs.)

Then they pop a cop trying to rip off a convenience store and toss (non-working; they didn’t explode) bombs out the window while trying to elude the cops.

The payoff for doing this is that an entire city shuts down to literal empty sidewalks and train service is halted along a hundred-mile+ stretch.

Even worse now the authorities are allegedly preventing residents who were away from their homes from returning there!  You are now being forcibly dispossessed of your residence!  Yeah, it’s temporary, but so what — that’s my damned house, not yours!  Get the hell out of my way!

Need I remind people that the entire point of terrorism is to terrorize?  To create economic havoc in a given area through violence, and by doing so advance some social or political goal?

What sort of lesson is the jackass in the Oval Office along with those crap-for-brains idiots in Massachusetts sending to our enemies around the world?  

Two *******s shut down a city of 7 million people who then cower in fear in their homes.

Screw that and screw them.

What should be the response is that every American who lives in that area should go about their business while openly carrying a pistol, rifle or both.

Go ahead — try that terrorist crap with the proper response to such an event and see how long you live.  That would instantly be the end of those terrorists and the economic disruption would be zero.  It would also send a strong message — pull that crap and we the people will do our duty as citizens to the common defense.

Instead we have a state and city that claims that doing so is “illegal” and gives the terrorists exactly what they want.

Those terrorists are responsible for murder but they’re not responsible for the economic disruption.

You are responsible by putting up with this crap and the government is directly and proximately responsible by demanding that you cower in fear. Two jackasses who kill or injure fewer people than get hurt in car accidents in a given 24 hour period have now conspired with an idiot government to shut down an entire city of 7 million people!

How far we’ve fallen as a nation.  We can’t find our balls with both hands these days.  We want the nanny cops and government to “protect us.”  How well did it work at the Marathon?  To make it worse Massachusetts is one of those “great states” where you can’t legally carry or possess a weapon without a license even though the 2nd Amendment says you have the unalienable right to do so.

I remind everyone that the 2nd Amendment exists for exactly this sort of reason and circumstance.  Go read it again if you’re challenged in your memory of its words.

These terrorists deserve to assume room temperature as soon as they point a weapon or arm a bomb with the intent to harm anyone else.  The more people willing and able to do that the better, and the best way to respond to this sort of crap is to deny them the economic damage they seek to inflict.

Stop being stupid America; you shame our forefathers and those who stood tall when threatened in this nation’s past, instead cowering in the corner and giving two murderous, cowardly jackasses exactly what they want.

What we should be doing is slinging weapons and going about our business, willing and able to discharge our duty as citizens toward both common and personal defense.





And if you keep scrolling, we’ll show you the post-mortem picture of a savage islamic terrorist.

Caution:  Graphic.









One thought on “Jihad’s temporary success: UPDATE… CAPTURED.”
  1. Curious, isn’t it, that people WANT people WITH GUNS surrounding and protecting them in a situation like this?!?!? Who in Boston would want a bunch of mambsy-pambsy peace-nicks wandering around trying to ‘negotiate’ their way to security?!?!?

    Also, did anyone read the story that Michael Moore blames American culture, as does the President of Chechnea (or however the heck you spell it!)? Anyway, good riddance, Black Hat Guy……and let’s hope that we can get White Hat Guy and waterboard him in the boat in which is he currently bleeding to death.

    Oh, wait, President O wouldn’t dream of such drastic measures……dang the bad luck.

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