The Illinois House voted on the newest “shall issue” carry bill which was a fair bit more restrictive than the original HB997 introduced in January.

It seems that civil rights opponents are hell-bent on taking us over the cliff to unregulated carry here in Illinois?

Where will you carry come June 9th?

Hint:  It’s a Sunday.

I’ll be carrying on the way home from an NRA Personal Protection in the Home class in Bloomington.

Where will you be carrying?

18 thoughts on “Where will you carry at come June 9th?”
  1. I don’t know rite now where I’ll be. But I know I’ll be carrying Wherever I go
    If someone threatens me now. Because I. Don’t look the way they think I should I will have peace of mind. That I don’t have to be a victim. Of their HATE crimes because I am transgendered. ( Jackie ).

  2. Heck on June 9th I will drive across the river into the peoples republic of Illnois to show my solidarity with the law abiding gun owners of this socialist utopia. I will be carrying my trusty Glock 36 in my pocket so no one will know.

  3. We still have a major threat ahead of us. I won’t be surprised if the Chicago anti-gun forces don’t try to ram thru a CCW bill of their choosing.
    I sincerely hope that our downstate Reps don’t cave in to Chicago just so we will meet the deadline.

  4. I’d get an attorney opinion on this before I went all gung-ho.

    The question is, when’s the clock run out? Is it six months from the publication of the OPINION? The ORDER in the case? The issuance of the MANDATE?

    What’s the operative date?

    You gotta be absolutely sure of that or you might become a convicted felon.

    My advice? Just don’t jump the gun (pun INTENDED)!

  5. Ken raises a good point: When does the 180 days expire? From the date the decision was issued, meaning a minute after midnight on the 9th.

    As for running afoul of local laws on transporting guns? Those too have been rendered unconstitutional. 1983 lawsuit time.

    Arrest me. Please.

    Make me a wealthy man.

  6. What are the odds H997 will come back, but without the clause superseding home rule ordinances?

  7. I would urge everyone not to open carry. Lets carry concealled. Yea I know it would be fun to piss off the ISP and anti gunners, but lets think about the non gun owners who are not anti gun, the little ladies who are not anti gun, and all the others who are not against us unless we scare them and drive them there. Cover it up. We made our point.

    1. Open carry is counter productive ?

      Many said that in Wisconsin also.
      They were wrong then too.
      Those brave souls who set aside the “dont do it” naysayers and did do PROVED that absence of a law making doing so Illegal forbade prosecution for doing so and got paid for being hassled.

      The beloved (by some) permits for concealed carry came IN SHORT ORDER because of those brave people demonstrating COURAGE to just exercise their RIGHT.

      Gosh, it seems there exists some of the most “exercising rights is a bad thing” attitude from the “pro gun” side. It truly amazes me.

      Fifty or a hundred (thousands would be even better) open carry participants walking SUNGLE FILE around the Capital Building would be PERFECT. No speeches, NO WALKING IN THE ROAD!!!!!, no parade, no pomp and circumstance – just a bunch of people showing up at the same place at the same time for a stroll around OUR statehouse – absent any formal organization would make NATIONAL NEWS and could quite possibly be the last nail in the coffin for “gun control” nation wide.

      Quick- get all organized PRO Second Amendment advocacy lobby groups to OPPOSE that!!! Exercising RIGHTS is just a TERRIBLE idea. Begging for permission is soooooo much better and more effective…..

  8. You guys DO realize that Madigan said she would continue to enforce the prohibition no matter what, don’t you?

    You really ought to consider that the Chicago PD will SHOOT you on sight if they see you carrying, and kick the sh!t out of you if they find you carrying concealed.

    Just so you know….

    1. Make my heirs very wealthy.

      Please shoot me.

      Oh yeah, GSL will be very wealthy as well from my life insurance.

  9. What about defending yourself If the cops hurt you. And stopped them from beating you up. Would get ugly real fast eh?

  10. Look guys let cooler heads prevail even though several cops I know would prefer open carry because they can see what you have and where your hands are. It would be ridiculous to carry open in public in cities where you could scare people and terrorize them that way. Be responsible about it people who are talking the way some of you are should not carry either way your not mature enough. I agree with both sides a little but carrying concealed or open is a big responsibility that needs rational thought. I know some people are frustrated but don’t give them what they want and make them say:” see they are crazy”. Believe me I prefer to carry out in the open but will comply with the law of the land even if it is a bad law There are people who fear guns and some rightfully so. BE safe respectful and responsible.

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