Some Illinois House members might want to rethink their opposition.


One thought on “May 2013 issue of GunNews is up!”
  1. I’ve hunted my entire life.

    I gotta say, I’m disappointed in GSL’s criticism of PETA’s search for drones to film brutal killing.

    I handle corpses occasionally. I see blood and guts. that doesn’t bother me. One thing that really, truly bothered me is watching that one organization’s videos on youtube of the gun “club” outside Philadelphia where they release doves just to gun ’em down.

    Gentlemen, ladies, that is NOT sport. That is BLOOD LUST, BLOOD THIRST. It makes me sick to my stomach. It’s the one reason I haven’t joined the NRA. If I did, I’d just have to write them in disgust to tell them I was quitting my membership in DISGUST over the NRA’s support of those said gun “clubs.”

    And, your pointing out that PETA MURDERS a large percentage of dogs and cats in its shelters DOES NOT detract nor demean my point.

    I am SICKENED by this bloodlust. Killing doves in that fashion (or worse, wounding them so litle kids can run around, collecting mortally wounded doves from the KILLING FIELD just to bash them to death) is NOT SPORT. It’s despicable, inhuman, revulsive behavior.

    SO, instead of chipping in for the gun draw this month, I’m sending a check to PETA.

    I suggest you NOT support such DESPICABLE causes.

    in hoc

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