Check out the meager turnout at the HUGELY unsuccessful I-LEAD rally in Springfield. Scores of people were bused in for the allegedly mighty rally against civil rights.



Contrast the above I-LEAD group photo with this shot of Illinois Gun Owners in their I-GOLD rally in March. This is just the first part of the massive, five-block long rally for civil rights.



Illinois gun owners held a VERY successful Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day on March 6th this year, with about 8100 people participating – and that’s with a colossal snowstorm in the northern half of the state the night before the rally.

Well, the Soros-funded advocates for unilateral disarmament saw our success these last few years and they wanted to give it their best shot at holding their own rally – the ILEAD rally.

ILEAD you ask?  Yep.  Lead: it’s the opposite of gold.

ILEAD – The Illinois Leftists and Elitists Advocating Disarmament rally.  It kicked off at noon yesterday, Thursday, April 11th.

The I-LEAD rally participants showed up on two, count them, TWO buses. (Guns Save Life sent twice that many buses alone, and we were just one of a dozen or more organizations and groups sending buses to IGOLD).


The roughly 120-130 ILEAD participants stood out in the cold for a while before heading indoors.  Note the dearth of American flags and/or other patriotic symbols, but what do you expect from people demonstrating against civil rights?  George Wallace wasn’t waving an American flag when he blocked African-American students from entering the University of Alabama either.

How impressive was it inside the Capitol building with the handful of I-LEAD participants wandering around?

It was a little underwhelming, to say the least.

Here’s a shot of their information display inside the Capitol building:

These goofballs don’t even have anyone staffing their information booth! What a farce! On the bright side, it seems people didn’t want their powder blue t-shirts or any of their other trinkets… or their propaganda.

Well, there you go.  A utterly underwhelming group bused down from Chicago on two buses to advocate for surrendering our Constitutional rights and recreate past tyrannies.

We’re sure they are nice people, in most cases, but frankly, they are what we could call “useful idiots”.

Hopefully not many of them missed the return bus ride home.

Don’t laugh.  That happened a few years ago when a couple of members of the rent-a-mob missed their ride home and all the sudden, promises of free T-shirts, pizza and $20 wasn’t such a great deal – even for a low-information voter!







12 thoughts on “ILEAD rally: Major league FAIL”
    1. Careful analysis of your recent writings leads me to believe that you are either a) suffering from a multiple personality disorder or b) turning into Bill O’Reilly. Either way treatment is recommended.
      I’ll send you an e-mail about the adventures of the misguided brood.

  1. The Illinois State Journal-Register reports, “At least SIX MILLION PEOPLE show up to ILEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Taking lesssonssss from Jeffe Jackfone’s “Million Man March!”

  2. You say, “Don’t laugh” but it’s too late, I already did! They’re doing more for those who support gun owner rights than they realize.

  3. Peoria channel 25 at noon had a clip with audio of the governor running his mouth.
    If I remember correctly they had a still of IGOLD a couple of days later.

  4. I get a kick out of how SMALL the “against” is in their banner. How very Freudian of them.
    At a glance it looks like the Illinois council for handgun violence.
    And that’s precisely what their positions foment.

  5. What ever happened to the good old days, in the 60’s and 70’s you people knew how to protest. We heard all about it on AFVN, as many of us were otherwise engaged.

  6. Cabello Looks to Strip Elected Officials of Concealed Carry

    State Representative John Cabello (photo right) this week advanced legislation in the Illinois House ensuring elected officials are held to the same rules as other citizens regarding the concealed carry of firearms.

    Cabello (R-Machesney Park) won House Judiciary Committee approval of HB 1711, which removes special permissions allowing mayors, alderman, presidents, trustees, marshals, and deputy marshals to carry a concealed firearm in communities where other law abiding citizens are denied that right. Currently, the law classifies each of these elected offices as “conservators of the peace” and so affords them special rights to carry a concealed firearm.

  7. This is America that I know. I’m moving out of Kali and retiring in a free state. Just want a regular kind of America to live out the rest of my life. Blue states are a miserable environment to attempt to “pursue happiness.”

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