GSL has received word that Marcus Harris is working on opening an indoor pistol/rifle range on Rt. 45 north of Urbana.  Mr. Harris is partnering with Tim Murray of the Morrigan Company.   They go before the Champaign County Zoning board on April 25th, and could use some support from the community.  Their target opening is September sometime.  75 yard pistol and rifle capability, plans for some really nice equipment, etc.

The  Zoning board meets at the Brookens center at 1776 E.  Washington in

Urbana at 6:30 pm on April 25.  They don’t have the agenda posted for this meeting yet, but it should be up on the county board’s website soon.  If people don’t go to the meeting, they can send letters supporting the project to the Champaign County Zoning Board of Appeals, 1776 E. Washington, Urbana, IL 61802.  The range does not have a ‘name’ yet, but the tentative location is 1414 Triumph Drive, Urbana IL 61801 (right off Rt. 45).

There is a dearth of places to shoot, particularly indoor ranges, in East Central Illinois.  If you live in this area, they could use some friendly faces and some support at this meeting.  Let’s get out there and help clear the hurdles for a new place to shoot.



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  1. Got an email from Tim Murray this weekend with further information and thought I’d share.

    Good Evening Everyone!
    I have an announcement to make regarding the opening of an INDOOR FIRING RANGE AND TRAINING CENTER in the C-U Area.

    The Morrigan Company is forming a partnership with Marcus Harris and D&R Firearms to open an Indoor Firing Range and Training Center. Some people have already asked what they could do to help us in this venture. We are in need of a zoning change for the building we have located to renovate and open the range in.

    So here is what we would like to ask:

    Please contact any (or all) of the people listed below on the Champaign County Zoning Board of Appeals and the Champaign County Board and express your support for the joint project and zoning change needed to bring an Indoor Firing Range and Training Center to the CU Area.

    What we also ask at this point in time is that you only express your support of the project and zoning change.

    The issue before us, and this project, is the zoning issue and nothing else. We do not want this to become a Second Amendment issue or a political issue. Simply because having a place to train and shoot safely is a separate issue in and of itself.

    Thank you in advance for your support!

    Tim, Marcus, Dean & Roger

    A .pdf of the following list is attached for your convenience.

    Zoning Board of Appeals
    Catherine Capel (term ending 11/30/2013)
    1123 County Road 2300 E
    Sidney, IL 61877

    Thomas Courson (term ending 11/30/2013)
    2102 Belmont Park Lane
    Champaign, IL 61822

    Roger Miller (term ending 11/30/2014)
    Staton Township
    2046 County Road 2000 E
    Urbana, IL 61802
    (217) 202-3141

    Paul Palmgren (term ending 11/30/2013)
    1788 Aero Place
    Urbana, IL 61802-9500

    Brad Passalacqua (term ending 11/30/2015)
    921 County Road 900 E
    Champaign, IL 61822
    (217) 778-0119

    Eric Thorsland – Chair -(term ending 11/30/2017)
    480 E County Road 2500 N
    Mahomet, IL 61853
    (217) 586-4330

    Champaign County Board Members
    R – John D. Jay
    Home: 302 W. Main
    Mahomet IL 61853
    Office: Jay Farms
    225 CR 1900N
    SeymourIL 61875
    Cell: 841-1014

    R – Gary W Maxwell
    Home: 1802 E Lakeshore
    Mahomet IL 61853
    Home: 217-586-5482
    Cell: 217-493-0535

    R – Stan James
    Home: 1310 E County Road 2900 N
    Rantoul IL 61866
    Home: 893-4771
    Office: 200 Mitchell Court
    Rantoul IL 61866
    Office: 892-2711
    Fax: 892-2937 (office)

    R – Diane Michaels
    Home: 1548 County Road 3050 N
    Rantoul IL 61866
    Home: 892-4287
    Email: michaels@illicom.netUpdated 12/4/2012

    R – Aaron Esry
    Home: 1987 County Road 1400 N
    St. Joseph, IL 61873
    Home: 552-6470
    R- Stanley C. Harper
    Home: 1947 County Rd 2700 E
    Ogden, IL 61859
    Home: 369-2986

    R- Jonathan Schroeder
    Home: 684 County Road 400 N
    Sadorus IL 61872
    Home: 598-2327
    R- Jim McGuire
    Home: 2605 Wedgewood Dr
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Phone: 954-0892

    R- Jeff Kibler
    Home: 4005 Farhills Drive
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Cell: 815-200-9159
    Email: JKibler@IllinoisAlumni.orgUpdated 12/4/2012

    R – Max Mitchell
    Home: 3345 Stoneybrook Drive
    Champaign, IL 61822
    Home: 359-4244
    Office: 2009 Fox Drive
    Champaign, IL 61820
    Office: 373-4804
    Fax: 352-0501
    Cell: 369-0376

    D – Pattsi Petrie
    Home: 503 S. Chicago Ave.
    Champaign IL 61821

    D – Josh Hartke
    Home: 303 S Fair Street
    Champaign, IL, 61821
    Home: 390-2808

    D – Alan Kurtz
    Home: 710 Ashton Lane South
    Champaign IL 61820
    Home: 356-0011

    D – Rachel Schwartz
    Home: 1204 Foothill Dr
    Champaign, IL 61821
    (217) 352-0945
    Email: SchwartzCB7@gmail.comUpdated 12/4/2012

    D- Michael Richards
    Home: 506 N Elm Street
    Champaign IL 61820
    Cell: 390-1740

    D – Giraldo Rosales
    Home: 618 West Hill Street
    Champaign IL 61820
    Home: 766-6109

    D – Ralph L. Langenheim
    Home: 401 W. Vermont
    Urbana IL 61801
    Home: 344-5285

    D – Astrid J. Berkson
    Home: 12 Stanford Pl.
    Champaign IL 61820
    Home: 356-4647

    D – Christopher Alix
    Home: 301 E. George Huff Dr.
    Urbana IL 61801
    Home: 337-6744
    Email: alix@prairiecity.comUpdated 12/4/2012

    D – James Quisenberry
    Home: 209 Pell Circle
    Urbana IL 61801
    Home: 328-2097
    Cell: 840-6200

    D- Lloyd Carter, Jr.
    Home: 810 W. Fairview Ave.
    Urbana IL 61801
    Home: 344-3305
    Fax: 344-3305

    D – Lorraine Cowart
    Home: 601 E. Bradley
    Champaign IL 61820
    Home: 355-9042

  2. OK, folks, you’re always saying someone should do something. If you’re a resident of Champaign County and you are reading this, that person is YOU. YOU are a constituent of two of those county board members. If you don’t know who your county board members are – you should! The Champaign County government website will have that info.

    Call, email, or write these people. All the members of the Zoning Board of Appeals represent you.

    If you live within driving distance of Urbana, and would use that indoor range if it comes to pass, YOU TOO can let them know that you are in favor; that you will be spending money and time there if it is built.

    Don’t leave it to “someone else”. Tell them what you think.

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