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Republican Senators drop gun bill filibuster; is a trap being set?

Written By: Bob Owens -Apr• 11•13

I was a little surprised that the Republicans skipped out on the gun control bill filibuster, allowing it to move forward to debate by a vote of 68-31. 16 Republicans crossing the aisle to allow it to go forward including Burr, who had been set to join the filibuster.

While it is merely speculation, I think several things are going on here:

  • Republicans have decided to give Obama the “up or down vote” he’s badgered and waved the blood shirt for, in order to give the appearance of compromising.
  • Republicans are figuring that they’re now turning the tables on Red State Democrats and moderate Republicans, forcing them to come out and record an up or down vote.
  • Republicans have plotted to fill the legislation—whatever it turns out to be—with “poison pill amendments” that will either force Harry Reid to pull the bill, or force Democrats to vote against it, OR put enough pro-gun legislation in there to more than offset any background check compromise.

The possible amendments Republicans could add to the bill to make it toxic to gun-grabbers and/or attractive to freedom supporters is almost limitless.

  • Apply the same background check standards to voter registration and voting.
  • Revolk of the Hughes Amendment from Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986, allowing manufacturers to once again build machine guns and selective-fire weapons for public sale… providing the purchaser goes through federal background checks, of course.
  • Remove suppressors from the items affected by the National Firearms Act of 1934 and follow-on federal legislation, letting these hearing safety devices be sold over the counter.
  • Institute national “shall issue” concealed carry.
  • Make it a felony, punishable by 10 years in prison and $250,000 fine, for any attempt to build a federal database for the purposes of gun registration, with no immunity for elected officials, government employees, or law enforcement.
  • Mandate that any firearm restrictions that affect the general public also extend to law enforcement, whether state or federal.
  • Specifically exempt any firearm with detachable magazines, a pistol grip, bayonet lug, 30-round magazines,etc from state gun control legislation, due to their unquestioned utility as militia arms.

The list of ways to turn S.649 into the de facto “Gun Freedom Act of 2013″ is only limited by the minds of the Senate’s Bill authors. Let’s hope they have the good sense to use this bill to force the Democrats to show their constituents what they really think about liberty. If they can use the amendment process in such a way as to expand freedom instead of contract it, that is even better.

11 thoughts on “Is the Senate bill a trap? Or potentially a good thing?”
  1. If you’re right, it’s like Christmas in April. I haven’t been this excited since I was 6 and I was hoping Santa would bring me a new bike.

    1. My mind is at work. How about all guns and ammo are protected freedoms and be sold tax free?

    2. No, 13% Pittman Robertson taxes were championed by the hunters, shooters and fishers and these taxes go directly to fish and wildlife funds. This tax should always stay in effect.

  2. Barn boxer did float a national carry permit a while back.
    It would be nice to see but I don’t believe Republicans have the guts to do to Democrats what Democrats did here in Illinois with 1155.
    I wish they would, they should, but after just prancing with Gunwalker, I don’t buy that they will. I’m betting there more Negotiating Rights Away with good “deals”. I’d live to be wrong and hope I am but at best I think we see the bill die quietly – like the filibuster threat. At worst, we get to wait for the reportage that what’s done shortly here in Illinois matches what just happened in Missourri……

    Trusting the enemy within is always a mistake, why people keep doing so is beyond me.

  3. I don’t think the Repubs are bright enough or savvy enough to pull something like this off, personally.

  4. I suppose it’s possible that the Republicans can pull this off.

    It’s also possible I will strike oil in my back yard and become financially able to volunteer full time for Guns Save Life.

    It’s not very likely and I don’t expect it, but I keep hoping…

  5. My opinion is just another cave in by the Republicans who are afraid to lose their cushy jobs in the nations capital and then might have to get their asses out in the real world and earn a living instead of the public dole. Sickens me

  6. Its hard right now for many people, they are in survival mode trying to keep their jobs and their heads above water. Only the dedicated ones like myself and others are the only ones writing and pushing our congressmen types to protect the constitutional rights.

  7. Wouldn’t it be grande if congressional fax machines spit out the text of the Second Amendment from the time they are turned on until they are turned off each day?
    Over and over and over.
    Emails with just the text of the Second Amendment filling their boxes.
    Phone calls with everyone simply reciting the text.
    Or how about campaign stops where crowds recite it openly, together, almost like the Pledge.

    Nah, too many are busy calling and writing in support of creating permission slips structures. My bad.
    Never mind.

    Gee, why are Republicans so feckless again?

  8. a bumper sticker for your motor vehicle …
    When government is tyranny
    I still get to vote for term limits…

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