Sixteen Republican Senators joined a majority of Democrats to move gun control forward in the U.S. Senate.

The bill in question is the “background check” bill, which in reality is gun registration as much as it is a background check measure.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is the “compromised” reached is very similar to what exists in Illinois today:  Guns sold in stores and at gun shows much be processed through a licensed dealer who will do a background check on the prospective buyer.

Private sales, outside of a gun show, would still be “permitted”.

How long will it be before they consider private sales of guns a ‘loophole’?

(FoxNews) – Controversial gun legislation cleared a key Senate hurdle Thursday, as lawmakers voted 68-31 to start debate on the package which includes expanded background checks and new penalties for gun trafficking.

Senate Democrats, joined by 16 Republicans, were able to overcome an attempted filibuster by GOP senators opposed to the current bill. Those senators could still slow-walk the debate, but the Senate will eventually begin votes on amendments — one of which is considered crucial to winning support for a final vote.


Did you go to public school and not learn what a quisling is?

We can help:

(Wiki) – The term quisling was coined by the British newspaper The Times in an editorial published on 19 April 1940, entitled “Quislings everywhere” after the Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country so that he could rule the collaborationist Norwegian government himself. The Daily Mail picked up the term four days later, and the BBC then brought it into common use internationally.[1] The Times’ editorial asserted: “To writers, the word Quisling is a gift from the gods. If they had been ordered to invent a new word for traitor… they could hardly have hit upon a more brilliant combination of letters. Aurally it contrives to suggest something at once slippery and tortuous.”

The term was used by the then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill during an address to both houses of Congress in the United States of America on 26 December 1941. Commenting upon the effect of a number of Allied victories against Axis forces, and moreover the United States’ decision to enter the war, Churchill opined that; “Hope has returned to the hearts of scores of millions of men and women, and with that hope there burns the flame of anger against the brutal, corrupt invader. And still more fiercely burn the fires of hatred and contempt for the filthy Quislings whom he has suborned.”[2] It subsequently entered the language, and became a target for political cartoonists.[3]

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  1. Mark Kirk just earned his future competitors a donation from me…. and I even voted for him last time, knowing he’d turn out like this.

  2. Just another example of the Republican partys capitulation in an effort to keep their cushy jobs in our nations capital otherwise they would have to get their asses out in the real world and earn their money as we citizens do. Illinois citizens are ill informed voters, they never research any canidadate or the issues mostly voting on color or ethnic lines, damn people reseach JIM CROW

  3. keep a record of the traitors to the consitution and try to vote out the ones who dont keep the oaths they took. what a sad and sorry lot the bunch of them are. they are nothing but a bunch of sell outs,and we are the ones who will pay the price.

  4. Kirk suffered permanent brain damage from his stroke.

    Goodbye, one-termer. JUDAS!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy eternity in Hades.

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