We love it when we hear leftist gun haters proclaim the NRA is all washed up and losing influence.

It’s almost as if they are a three-year-old, mentally or chronologically. chanting some sort of magic spell they believe will change reality.

Don’t believe me?

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Around these parts of Central Illinois, near the heart of one of the bluest of blue states, leftist gun haters like to proclaim the NRA is weak, but these same people literally tremble when gun rights activists speak or take action.  Gun haters mistakenly believe that anyone advocating for freedom and liberty, and the role guns play in safeguarding both, is part of “the NRA”.

We suppose that’s not all bad.  Give “the NRA” credit for our successes, we don’t mind.  We’re not in this for the publicity and notoriety.  We’re in it for our freedom!

Granted the trembling isn’t always fear, but sometimes anger.  The bottom line is we live in their minds rent free, we hold great power of them, and they are in awe of our power.  They fear our members, our strength and our power.  They are envious, deep down inside, of our self-determination and self-confidence.

And while among the bluest of blue states, we have Guns Save Life and it’s remarkable success and growth.  Then there’s red states like Alaska.  States like Alaska make our successes look tame.

In that state, there’s a certain junior (freshman) Senator, Mark Begich who is getting a first-hand lesson that the make-believe world of Michael Bloomberg and other gun-hating leftists is not one that’s going to keep him employed in his powerful position – and he’s running scared like a prison escapee running from the scent hounds to flee Bloomberg and company since embracing them after Sandy Hook.

Meet the NRA. Will he be all slobbery licks or will he chew your face off after he runs you down? It’s your choice, Mr. Politician.

Here’s what Mark Begich said right after after Sandy Hook:

(Washington Post) – Sen Mark Begich declared a “sea change” in the politics of gun control immediately after the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., telling his local newspaper that he would not hesitate to buck the powerful National Rifle Association.

And, here’s what Mark Begich is saying today:

(Washington Post) – “The NRA is one of the most important groups in my state,” said Begich, one of several Democrats from conservative states who are up for reelection next year.

Red State expounds upon the Washington Post’s reporting on Begich’s flailing around:

…but the newspaper has a problem; they’d rather have a coward Democrat who guessed wrong on the public’s reaction to gun control – and who is now desperately flailing about to keep his job – than a principled Republican who wouldn’t have been unsound on this particular civil rights issue in the first place. So they have to make the story about that awful, awful National Rifle Association and its despicable tendency to go out and use the First Amendment to protect the Second. At least that way they can keep selling papers.

Sort of.  [Editor:  Article detailing the Washington Post’s hopes that charging for digital access to the Wash Post with save it from red ink.  Hint:  no.]

But back to the matter at hand. If you were wondering whether Mark Begich is going to be in trouble next year, stop wondering: he will be. Begich got in on a squeaker in 2008, and he seriously stepped in it by pandering to the gun control enthusiasts earlier in the year. But it’s clear now that the man’s more terrified of the NRA than he is of Democratic liberals from the Lower 48. I certainly hope that the latter will keep that in mind when they make their campaign contribution choices for the upcoming cycle*…

*Mind you, I don’t actually expect liberals to cut Mark Begich off for his apostasy: the natural lot for Democratic progressives is apparently to be smacked in the face until they cough up cash, and you can only see that happen so many times before you’re forced to conclude that they apparently kind of like the situation. But they apparently prefer to suffer like this in secret; so, well…



2 thoughts on “The “NRA” is impotent? Ask Democrat Mark Begich about that one…”
  1. More than ever, I think Conservatives should take a page from the “progressive” play book and fight a good battle with our cash each election cycle. Obtain guidance from groups such as GSL, NRA, ILSRA, GOA, etc. Then, send campaign contributions to the 5,10, or 100 opponents of the most vulnerable low-information politicians running for re-election each cycle. Unfortunately, today’s elections are won with dollars. But, every dollar counts, and there are a lot of us.

    Remember, Pelosi won her seat by only 195,014 votes.

  2. All you said here is true. To the letter. The NRA to them is the “force” (dark force, so to speak) and they feel helpless trying to oppose it. It has (black) magic powers and it lurks from behind every blade of grass South of 80 and beyond. Recent events on the Hill will hopefully solidify them in this belief 🙂

    On another note, people on the North Side and the South Side of Chicago hate the Streetlight Assassin as much as we do. Does Rahm have that much power to keep him in office?

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