Janet Strickland, (Left) and William Strickland have been charged with first-degree murder. (Chicago Police Dept. / April 6, 2013 / Caption courtesy Chicago Tribune.)

There’s been a significant update in the story we earlier reported where a 19-year-old gang-banging thug killed his own grandfather by shooting him in the back as granddad was waiting at the bus stop to go to a dialysis treatment.

Just when you thought the depravity couldn’t get any deeper with this reprobate grandson, Chicago shows the way.

Grandma was part of the conspiracy, according to cops.

Chicago (Tribune) – A 64-year-old woman has been charged along with her grandson in the slaying of her 72-year-old husband, who was killed on his way to dialysis treatment, police said.

The woman and her grandson then used the slain man’s money to buy a car, home furnishings, tattoos, gym shoes and other items, prosecutors said.

Janet Strickland, of the 400 block of East 95th Street, was charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of armed robbery with a firearm in connection to the March 2 homicide of her husband William Strickland.

Bail was set at $500,000 for Janet Strickland yesterday.

Prosecutors alleged Janet Strickland and her grandson, also named William Strickland, discussed killing her husband on multiple occasions.

Before the shooting, Janet Strickland told her grandson that she was “sick” of his grandfather and that she wanted him dead, prosecutors allege.

Oh, it gets better…

The kid admitted to cops he stole the gun from his grandfather, a black Beretta semi-auto.  A member of the Black P. Stones street gang (or wannabe posse of clowns), Strickland shot at his grand-dad about two dozen times, if the number of spent shell casings is any indication.  He managed to hit his intended target only six times from a few feet away.  Apparently his “gangster-style” firearm training from Hollywood, BET, and the Black P. Stoners failed him.

Oh yeah, the little 19-year-old, known to his fellow illiterate street-thug friends as “DuhShaun” now has “Legacy,” “Loyalty,” and “Respect” tattooed on his arms, thanks to his victim’s money.

How ironic.

This piece of fecal matter probably couldn’t spell any of the above, much less knows what they mean.

With that pretty face of his, we hope “Duh Shaun” has an affinity for dry the dry version of this:

Because next to a rope, anal rape is exactly what he deserves.

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  1. Stinking animals….. Why is 50% of all crime committed by 4% of the population? I see mostly black faces in the mugshots that make the news. Why? Save your racism excuses, the rest of the world knows better.

  2. “Because next to Rope, anal rape is what he deserves”

    That’s one aspect of John’s articles that I love. ..screw political correctness. It’s time we call a spade a spade in this country and tell it like it is!
    Not just when it comes to calling a thug a thug but in every matter relating to our constitutional rights and what the libereal, authoritain scum Sucking maggots are trying to do to this country!

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