The “momentum” claimed by leftists gun-haters is nothing more than wishful thinking at this point in time as the hysterical support for gun control following Sandy Hook has almost completely evaporated.  In fact, support for additional gun restrictions and bans continues to plummet, causing consternation among Dianne Feinstein and her merry band of opponents of civil rights.

In the U.S. Senate, Dianne Feinstein and her merry axis of gun haters pledged that gun bans would be the first order of business.  Well, it wasn’t.  In fact, in the latest package of onerous gun rights restrictions, Feinstein’s ban on America’s favorite guns isn’t even included.   The gun ban advocates have broken pledge after pledge for action, the “pledges” being nothing more than opportunities to pander to the sympathetic mainstream media.  Once again, the vote that was supposed to happen this week?  It isn’t going to happen.  The real reason?  The votes aren’t there.

Senate aides said that formal debate and substantive votes on the gun issues would probably slip to the week of April 15 — a setback considering that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, had pledged that it would be the first issue to come up when Congress returns from spring recess next week.

It’s ironic that the far leftists in the Democrat party continue to saddle their party with the “Party of Gun Control” label, demanding more centrist either support gun grabs or calling them “chicken” for failing to do so.

(Mediaite) – The debate over stricter gun control laws appears to be the hill that progressive Democrats want their congressional representatives to fight on regardless of the odds stacked against them – maybe even because of those odds. On Monday, one progressive voice on MSNBC’s Now called some Democratic lawmakers representing purple states “chicken” for failing to champion new gun control laws, even if that means risking the Democratic Senate majority and President Barack Obama’s second term agenda. The idea that Republicans and pro-gun rights advocates could defeat their progressive legislative aims is, apparently, too terrible an outcome to contemplate. They would rather go down swinging.

After spending the first several minutes of a segment on gun control going to absurd lengths to suggest that Republicans and the National Rifle Association remain the primary obstacles in the way of new gun control legislation – and not the Democratic leadership in the Senate which has regularly balked at forcing their vulnerable members to take risky votes – POLITICO’s Jake Sherman offered a much-needed dose of reality.

“I think it’s important to say that there’s actually no momentum,” Sherman said referring to the pace of gun control legislation. “People are saying on TV that there’s a lot of [pro-gun control] momentum in Congress and in Washington to get this done, but that’s actually not the reality at all.”

3 thoughts on “So-called “Momentum” for gun control at national level is wishful thinking”
  1. They got their sound bites and that’s all they wanted. Harry Reid wasn’t going to EVER ram a bill through the Senate knowing full well it wouldn’t pass the House. There never was any “momentum” at the national level. It was all fake and contrived in order to generate a diversion and an appearance of “outrage”. It was just playing politics. Nothing more.

  2. With any luck that senile old whore will stoke out and soil her depends watching her favorite cause go down the shit pipe.

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