ILEAD Rally Coming Thursday, April 11th!

Illinois gun owners held a VERY successful Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day on March 6th this year, with about 8100 people participating – and that’s with a colossal snowstorm in the northern half of the state the night before the rally.

Well, the Soros-funded advocates for unilateral disarmament saw our success these last few years.

They want in on the act and are ginning up support for their own version of IGOLD – the ILEAD rally.

ILEAD you ask?  Yep.  Lead: it’s the opposite of gold.

ILEAD – The Illinois Leftists and Elitists Advocating Disarmament rally.  Thursday, April 11th, kicking off at noon.

Alabama’s governor George Wallace (left) faces General Henry Graham, in Tuscaloosa, at the University of Alabama, on June 12, 1963. Wallace blocked the enrollment of two African-American students, Vivian Malone and James Hood. Despite an order of the federal court, Governor George Wallace appointed himself the temporary University registrar and stood in the doorway of the administration building to prevent the students from registering. In response, President Kennedy federalized the Alabama National Guard. One hundred guardsman escorted the students to campus and their commander, General Henry Graham, ordered George Wallace to “step aside.” Thus were the students registered. Kennedy addressed the public in a June 11 speech that cleared his position on civil rights. The bill that he submitted to Congress was ultimately passed as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (OFF/AFP/Getty Images/Caption by The Atlantic.)

They will be at the Statehouse, protesting against the inevitable.  Just as Governor George Wallace stood in the schoolhouse doorway and blocked the first African-American students, so too will these demonstrators stand in Springfield trying in vain to stop right-to-carry.

They’ll also be there to advocate for surrendering our Constitutional rights in an effort to recreate past tyrannies.

We’re sure they are nice people, in most cases, but frankly, they are what we could call “useful idiots”.

We expect the ILEAD participants to be wearing gray t-shirts, at least the non-productive, low-information voters the organizers bus down from the public housing projects in Chicagoland.  Hopefully not many of them will miss the return bus ride home.

Don’t laugh.  That happened a few years ago when a couple of members of the rent-a-mob missed their ride home and all the sudden, promises of free T-shirts, pizza and $20 wasn’t such a great deal – even for a low-information voter!


We need your help.

Anyway, we need your help.

The ISRA and Guns Save Life are asking for a few courageous gun owners to be at the Capitol building that day with their cameras to observe and record in photos.  We’re looking for still shots of what happens and any notes.  Ideally, we’re looking for some good still photos of bumbling demonstrators (these rent-a-mob types love to flash gang signs for pictures), or organizers fumbling their way through the “protest”.

You wouldn’t have to engage these folks – in fact we’d recommend against it.  Instead, just take pictures and observe.

We want to publish photos on our website.

Send them to us at GunNews at

If they are anything like the rally at the Thompson Center a week or two ago, it should be farcical enough to be a hoot.


4 thoughts on “Mark your calendars: ILEAD Rally next Thursday! Help wanted.”
  1. It kicks off at noon.

    If I was a betting man, I’d be surprised if there were more than a dozen people there with real jobs – jobs not paid for at the Soros trough, that is.

  2. Well, unlike these people I have to be at WORK at noon. Too bad, it may be fun to take pictures there…
    Good story about Bonnie and the Infidel.

    1. “Bonnie and the Infidel”.. sounds like a new tv show. 🙂
      Unfortunately I too have to be at work during the day unlike the Obama/Soros drones who can collect their government checks when they get back from their little protest.

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